• Shithappens

    i dont know why but this guy reminds me of the head elf from the first Santa Claus movie with Tim Allen. Random i know……….

  • Anonymous

    Wow! That was profound.

  • james

    All these theories don't appeal to me. it all differs per person. Not all fine girls like assholes and the friendzone is just made up by men who don't have the guts to make a move. Just be yourself and make clear where you want to go. It's not that hard. Is the girl you like, attracted to assholes? Let her go, she'll gain insight sooner or later. Find another girl, simples.

  • chris

    obviously you all need to be more like Edward Cullin….

  • NateyTheGreaty

    Based on the girls I've talked to that I've wanted to date (and had me in the friend zone), personally I feel there are a few possible things going on:

    1) Some nice guys are unconfident, which makes them worry, and that puts a damper on things. I'll admit a few times I've asked a woman: "Is this okay?" when it really was, and I had no reason to worry. I think you trying to respect them (which is good) makes them think you're going to worry over small things (and nag them or something).

    2) Some women aren't open. This is a major one: so many friends I've known and helped with problems are afraid to talk about their feelings, and they try to hide from them. So it's possible a reason they don't have feelings is because they won't allow themselves to, and perhaps they're afraid of ruining/losing the kindness you give to them if they show you all their problems or develop feelings for you. (They believe they might scare you away with problems that really aren't as bad as they think, maybe?)

    3) They don't know what they deserve. A couple women have flat-out told me (after they found a great relationship) that they were treated so badly by others that they didn't realize what true companionship could be like, or that they deserved better. They just believed that if someone wanted them, that was an opportunity and they weren't looking for "the next best thing", as Mike mentions in the video.
    This also has a lot to do with the media and how some women can develop a sense of "imperfection" when they look at themselves, given that the magazines and movies are showing women that they don't realize are digitally altered and thus appear better than they really are.

    I could expand on this and say that it's easy for people to develop a mentality around looks if they're slightly overweight and no one asks them on dates, but then they lose weight and suddenly get a lot of attention. It could very well be that the reason people went after this person is because they were more confident (without realizing it) or more outgoing and thus increased their chance of meeting someone… but when you believe your body image is the reason why, and are greeted with attention after you make a certain change, it's easy to attribute this to the wrong thing.

    The best advice I can offer to others – despite the fact that I'm still single and friend-zoned – is be yourself. It's too hectic to try to change who you are to please other people on an individual basis. So improve yourself a bit by bringing out the hidden potential you might have, and worry less, and the right person will come along who likes you as you are.

  • Paladin

    Oh YEAH…mouth hugs! (my inner asshole speaking)

    I kid…

    & girls…..have some class. Dont sleep with a guy on the first night and expect too much afterwards. Keep them legs closed at least until you figure whats what.


  • Scot

    I like really like his sweater. Anyone know where I can get one like it?

  • Mira

    First and very important… stop calling women bitches… yes we tend to be some times, but calling us bitches, won't get you any far:

  • KhmerStory

    … How does iJustine operate her camera so smoothly?

  • Mikey

    If you look like a bitch and act like a bitch, most likely, that woman is a bitch. Just like a dude being an asshole. It applies to most, not all. Perception is reality Mira

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  • Thugnif


  • Wisdom

    A lot of people miss the problem of why the asshole gets the girl, but I think its captured in this video (mainly the last rule to the viewer). The problem isn't that the asshole gets the girl, or that the nice guy doesn't. The problem is that the asshole gets the girl, when the girl constantly asks why she can't find a nice guy, or why all guys are assholes. The nice guy wants to scream at the girl that there are nice guys out there but its like talking to a brick wall. A girl thinks she is searching for a nice guy, but when a nice guy approaches her, she a lot of times a complete bitch, or the guy is a friend and she is offended he likes her in that way. Any girls reading this comment, do one thing. The next nice guy, and yes actually nice guy, seems to actually be interested in you as a human being, and not a replacement for his hand for that night approaches you, give him a chance. Whether its someone you know, or someone that seems like he is a nice, well put together person. As girls, you don't know how much nerve it takes to ask a girl out, or tell her how you feel because you are always the one to be approached. So do yourself a favor and be nice back. I couldnt imagine turning someone down and wondering what if, but girls do it everyday.

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