20 facts you likely didn’t know about popular inventions (20 Photos)

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Michael Jackson didn’t invent the moonwalk

It was actually created by a man named Bill Bailey. Starts at 0:50.


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  • Nicnac

    #8 Bayer was also part of IG Farben which made most of the gas used in the gas chambers to kill millions in Nazi concentration camps.

  • 13rit_tiny

    I disagree, I'm from the Springfield area and I KNOW we invented basketball! My hometown invented volleyball (Holyoke, MA)!

  • HB

    The inventor of basketball was Dr James Naysmith. He was from New Zealand living in Canada. He was looking to invent a off season game f

  • HB

    The inventor of basketball was Dr James Naysmith. He was from New Zealand living in Canada. He was looking to invent a off season game for rugby.

  • poopstainsonurmom

    #1 This is an only child and he is a dickhead. Science Fact.

  • Magnus

    Football was originally played by the Scandinavian vikings, and was brouught to Brittain by the vikings who settled there after they nearly conquered it all. It was played with the heads of fallen enemies, but later they used goat bellies sown together. Btw to those who dont know it, scandinavia includes Denmark, Norway and Sweden. 😀 chive on from Denmark.

    • RemcoB

      Finland too!

  • Anonymous

    Wow. Chive really shit the bed on this one!!!!!

  • Chet

    #6 is wrong. It's in a movie in the fifties for sure. Check out the "patient zero" episode of radio lab for more

  • Mr. Scott

    Bayer did not invent heroin and the word "hello" existed long before the telephone. Not that I see the Chive as an educational site….

  • Nick

    Did anyone actually ever think that Michael Jackson invented the moonwalk?
    Sure he was the guy that brought it to the mass public, But invented it no.

    It's like saying that Madonna invented Vogue
    They just brought something from underground dance movements and made it famous.

  • Derbymon

    I really enjoy how the writting disappears into the photo.
    Nice new site design fellas….sorta.
    Got a few bugs to sort out.

  • Fred

    Aspirin was also the "Nazi Super-Drug" to be turned over, to the Allies, as a condition of their surrender IIRC…

  • Doc Arkham

    A look at the history of the high five from Radiolab – http://www.radiolab.org/2011/nov/14/contagious-id

  • Anonymous

    Collinsville IL

  • Waty


    I just watched this episode on "How I made my millions" The guy was a NASA Engineer at the time and discovered it while fixing something in his bathroom. It comes on MSNBC if anyone cares and is pretty legit.

  • Rick

    There is no proof that Marco Polo really existed ,so there goes nr 10.

  • Johnny

    All of these facts were taken from the British TV show Q.I. Heh, and you thought theChive had competent researchers of their own!

    theChive – you suck

  • http://twitter.com/NickoGilbert @NickoGilbert

    you said flap…

  • Mr.Deeds

    Also, the U.S government invented AIDS.

  • LyinKing

    Nerd Note: Jackson never claimed to have created the moonwalk. He was simply coined with being its master. As Jackson himself commonly noted his dancing was specifically inspired by old jazz and scat dancers of the 20s and 50s, and most of all James Brown being his single biggest inspiration as MJ has directly said he didnt think about dancing till he saw James Brown live for the first time.

  • Eric S.

    1 fact you likely did n't know about Chive posts: Black text is impossible to read over a black background.

  • http://Msn John

    Springfield, MA
    Springfield College
    Birthplace of basketball
    Basketball was created in the united states

  • Jay Jay

    Haha does nobody read basketball was invented in springfield but it was an wasn’t an American who invented it was a Canadian James Naismith (FYI he is Canadian and not from New Zealand he was born in the Province of Canada, British Empire)

  • Oddie Monsta

    #4 and #6 were cool

  • Anonymous

    Haha typical Americans. even if the inventor is just working in the states at the time of the his creation. they feel the need to take claim…. its sad really. most people whom argue about crap like that in such places as this, don’t have accomplishments of their own to be proud of so they try and label everything as they’re countries own for a sense of self worth. who cares where its from. just focus on where its from

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