As long as I have my memories, I will always stay young (35 Photos)

  • AJ

    Isn’t #33 just called purple drink?

    • chrissy

      No it was called “grape drink” lol

  • andy

    #35 Falcor!

  • Anonymous

    What’s #28 from?

  • Anonymous

    Proud owner of 3 and 31

  • Anonymous

    Proud owner of #18. And still works.

  • Steve

    #22 real old, we still use XP on our work computer, XP is like 5 years old…FAIL

    • >.>

      actually it was released in 01 so its like 11 years old.

  • Sloppyshifter

    #20 WOOOW, I would still love to play Super Nintendo, and all those games, wait, when did Super Nintendo get old? its still fun right?

    • >.>

      dude, it is still as fun as when I play my Atari 2600 which still works 😀

  • clearly not smart

    #18 wtf? this existed? if Iphone 4 is to portable car phone. Then were the fuck is the equivalent, up to date hover board? Folks, we have been robbed over levitation.

    • Poodle of Death

      No this never existed (so far as i know) but it will be exist in 3 years, because Marty traveled to the year 2015!

  • Logical

    This has been one of the best nostalgia posts.

  • Katie

    What movie is #28? Is it house on haunted hill?

  • zzzz

    #23 Wishbone, missing my identical dog

  • Mike

    #18 The year 2015 is only 3 years away — GET ON THIS MATTEL!!!

  • Jeff

    #15 if you didn't imagine blowing aliens away at some point, you didn't have a real childhood

  • Jacko

    Your memories are in violation of the rules and regulations.

  • Dani

    #8 last night we were talking about how one of my friends is getting his super nintendo shipped out to Afghanistan so we can play Mario Cart:) and #30 I still have mine it's purple

  • jordan

    #11 YES

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