Best photos of the week (60 Photos)

  • ERN

    Chive really, really needs to make an R-Rated section – Maybe we'd see a little more of the girls in #38 and #60

    • AmBush Steve

      and #32

      • thespencinator

        # 32 is Kari Sweets

        • its_forge

          Wow, first time I've thought a girl was pretty in a Chive post, gotten her name, Googled it and not been horrified or disappointed by getting pictures of a seemingly sweet girl cramming God knows what into all her orifices. Yay! for a change. lol

      • gravely

        Yeah, we really need somewhere on the internet to see R rated pics.

        • BRB


    • JSouth

      I demand these in HQ.

    • nathan458

      They have thousands for porn sites for that already. There is one site like the chive, that's why we all love it.

    • Paula_

      BAD IDEA!

      – the one you love to hate

      • CHIPBUTY



      #38 high rez chive desktop

    • wlv

      call me crazy but i believe #38 is hilary fischer

      • Paula_

        Melanie Iglesias, you guys need to learn how to use this internet thingy.

        – # 1 commenter of 2012

        • daveeh

          Nope… to big for melanie

    • Paula_

      Do you have any idea how fast the Chive would then disappear behind x-rated content filters? Millions of Chivers wouldn't be able to Chive at work anymore and even I think THAT is cruel!

      Btw # 38 is Melanie Iglesias, you guys need to learn how to use this internet thingy.

      – chosen "best commenter of 2012"

    • ss1211

      #38 Is yet another amazing photo from Alexander Tikhomirov, the same photographer responsible for the pictures of the hot Russian chicks in the dance studio.

  • Monk


  • PdxChiver

    #22 More impressive when a man holds onto the beer.

  • The1Architect

    #32 Yes please.

    • dfoggers

      I think I'm in love. Although I will happily settle for something a bit more "casual'.

      • saucypants

        Kari Sweets

    • NonTheist

      Srsly. Boioioioing


    me gusta

  • hilljunkie

    #15 – Cracks me up everytime.

    • biggles


  • zachary

    Chive plz also upload pics i sent.. Loyal chiver from india

  • penn6602

    Who. Are. You????

  • Armed Ann Dangerous

    #13 likes it in the rear. scUM

    • CzarCzarBinks

      and you like it in your mouth?

    • ElDuderino

      Go blue, Ohio sucks! I'd trust this guy with my life, at least he has a quality education!

    • Dolphhonkey

      Lawls u mad bro?

    • nuccabay

      go green!!!

  • Carlos Chavez

    Who in God's name is #54 ???

  • Steelers!!!

    #45 I love girls acting up at the Pittsburgh airport!

    • Tanz

      Glad I wasn't wrong when I thought that was the Pittsburgh tram!

      • Suby

        It's the tram in Atlanta actually

        • mooseknuckle907

          your mom is a tram in Atlanta

        • its_forge

          The Orlando airport tram looks pretty much like that too.

          • Jdubya

            I was thinking Jam-Lando myself.

            • its_forge

              And she looks like the sort of woman you'd run into in Orlando as well…

    • eo2

      Suddenly jonesin for a twinkie

  • Slick_Nick

    #32 #38 #60 umm wow!!! they should all become Chivettes! For the love of Chive

  • GlibTongue

    I protest this Best Photos of the Week.

    The Canadian girl with the Machine Gun(s) was totally one of the best pictures of the week.

    Make it so Chive! Make it so!

  • Cross

    #26 took my breath away

    • Lokito

      Simply put, gourgeous….need to find!!!!!!

  • AmBush Steve

    #32. Best of the year!

    • Smitty


    • NonTheist

      heard that!

  • LiquidMuff07

    #22 No wonder the baby is wearing a helmet

    • Hugh

      That baby has got a very cool mom.

      • jimbojones

        So cool that she would risk traumatic brain injury.

        I bet she'd put a band-aid on it too! Mom of the year no doubt.

    • Pharmacy Guy

      Like a boss! Mom and baby both!

  • 817-chive

    #3 yes please. MuAh!

    • Brian

      This is art. I don't know where the line is between art and fap, but this is art.

      • PianoFingers

        FLBP + Mind the gap + In the middle of nowhere + awesome in the morning (and the rest of the day…)

  • thedroh

    Where is the bill effing murry zombie shirt, isn’t thats where “b.ill fu*king murry” came from. Just asking.

  • Ben Hughes

    #7 is that chairman miaw?

  • nelson

    Willie..? #49

    • Prangsta

      Willie is no fool. He looks pissed!

      • _maxPain_

        or HIGH !!!

    • tralfaz

      I don' t know.

  • thedude

    Who is #3? Show yourself, please.

  • holland dude

    Who is #9 seriously you should give her # to me she’s so good looking she’s got be lonely for me.

  • Cameron

    Verbally said "Wow" the moment it came up. MOAR! #26

    • Brian

      I only say "Wow" at the fact that you got past #3

  • MikeBedlam

    Great first week of 2012, Chive. You've made my resolution of Chiving more much easier to accomplish.

    #16 Still sexy. Even in non-HQ.

    • togaen

      Yeah, there needs to be moar of this chick. Lots.

  • Sam

    #16 picture in the background….random cartoon nip slip?

    • NatherX

      Its the clock that Bayonetta got on her boobs

      • Naahhh

        Don't ruin shit nerd

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