• Cultdevader


    • Ryan

      What has happened to Western socteiy?! When I was a little kid, I was taught it was rude to laugh at or make fun of someone who tripped or fell. Now it is a big deal with photos, videos and actual news commentary. Why? I, for one, have no intention of unlearning the restraint and politeness I was taught.

  • sketchent

    ye that's fine- woops

  • Ryan

    Horrible.! Can’t believe it made the chive


      1:28 of my life I can never get back…

  • Anonymous

    I fucked my best friends sister a few times. Shit was so cash.

    • Noegod

      So cash? Jesus, lets pray that bit of lame never catches on! Thumbs down for you!

  • http://twitter.com/McBeastie666 @McBeastie666

    They're halfway to making it in dinner theater.

  • Purplenurple

    Moar of the girl! Less of the douche bags.

    • MNwanderer

      I love the English accent

  • Anonymous

    That was great, effect these haters!

  • Ccard

    That’s a minute and a half of my life I will never get back.

  • http://www.funnypicturespro.com/11697/dating-your-best-friend%e2%80%99s-sister-is-easy-telling-him-isn%e2%80%99t-video/ Dating Your Best Friend’s Sister Is Easy. Telling Him Isn’t. (Video) | Funny Pictures Pro

    […] From: theCHIVE » FAIL […]

  • YoSaphBridge

    Am I along with the lols? I thought that was pretty damn funny. "Let's just kill him" got a good chuckle from me.

  • Anonymous

    I thought it was pretty Dam funny. Im all for hot half naked women to but if that’s all people care about maybe they need to be on a different web site. Just saying.

  • Bexter

    This shit wasn’t funny at all! Terrible

  • Taco


  • TSK

    Did you get permission from the creator of this video, Tomska, or did you just thought this was funny and put the video here anyway?

    It just seems like it was stolen since Tom himself showed this on twitter and said it was a "small problem".

    • toc

      They say the best idea's are robbed, but not good if it turns out to be true.

  • Anonymous

    I thought this was hilarious

  • RJs


  • Bee

    CHive, what has happened to you?

  • Travilavis

    The Chive is epic, but garbage like this really seems to be heading in the wrong direction. Stick to more awesome photo galleries, and less turd-like videos!

  • Anonymous

    That was not funny…

  • Todd

    This is stolen off YouTube from TomSka's account. You replaced his watermark with a Chive watermark.

  • Anonymous

    That was fuckin stupid

  • Austin

    Your know there's this thing called copyrights and you can't just go around stealing peoples videos.

  • BardenHasACamera

    Take this down. You didn't get permission.

  • etcrr

    ok this was stupid

  • Daniel

    I can’t argue the fact that Pineiro could be that guy but he’s not exactly a lock eeihtr. If Blanton were to return to being a 12-15 win pitcher I’d rather keep him at $8M than trade him and pay him $5M to do that for someone else.

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