• bigtimejimmytim

    good shit. good people out there. no sarcasm.

  • Vdub

    That’s some good shit .. Don’t need no drunk drivers on the road killin or hurting innocent people

  • Vdub

    That’s some good shit .. Don’t need no drunk drivers on the road killin or hurting innocent people … Now that’s some real shit

  • Anonymous

    I won’t let you drink and drive and kill people. I’ll just choke you to death myself.

  • DC22

    If they white guys, they would have hopped in the car together and caused havoc on the road!

  • Anonymous

    He was right real niggaz

  • Brocksamsung

    So many times I’ve been wanting to do the same to my friends. Also I wish my griends would do it to me if I’m to tanked.

  • Dean

    I would have done the sane

  • Anonymous

    what kind of rice cooker u used to film this?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001888562975 FrankMunster

    I'm a real nigga lmao shit made me laugh

  • http://www.facebook.com/EvieFontaine Evie Fontaine

    a punch in the face and being choked out is way better than killing himself, his child and others on the road, not to mention the legal factors. he sld be thanking his friend, I may not be getting drunk with him anymore but still……

  • Steph

    That is a good friend. He was goingto drive his daughter? That’s FELONY child endangerment, nevermind the dui.

    Amatuer drinking, always ALWAYS have your escape route planned. Plan how your getting home even if you only plan on having a ‘couple’. If you can’t then don’t go there.
    That’s how I KCCO!

  • KingIvan

    Better to get punched and wake up the next day than risking killing yourself or others. Good shit!

  • http://www.svtperformance.com/forums/pics-videos-buffet-149/820081-one-way-stop-drunk-driver.html#post11367279 This Is One Way To Stop A Drunk Driver - SVTPerformance

    […] Driver This guy really doesn't want his friend to drink and drive. It gets good at 1:33. True Friend Does What it Takes to Keep His Friend from Driving Drunk : theCHIVE ____________________________________ Derby City Mustang Club Cruise Chairman 1986 T-Top GT […]

  • mark.campling@gmail.com

    I appreciated his directness and sustained pressure. He kept up the pressure and when all else failed, he saved the little daughters life by knocking out the drunk guy.

  • Salzano

    Black people are so stupid

  • Anonymous

    comm’on craig..comm’on craig..get up

  • OhIDunno

    Both twats, especially the hero…just take his keys ffs.

  • Mitch

    Give the man a medal. More people should care about their friends like this. And I am not talking about the violence.

  • The Dude

    A real freind would have cut him off BEFORE he got drunk!

  • Irish Hooligan1

    Maybe shoulda just choked him out

  • love the cute people

    where anthony jack when i need him 🙂

  • Scott Thacker

    Maybe offering to pay for a taxi wouldve worked if not……GREAT JOB. Seriously

  • will lawyer

    My brother suggested I would possibly like this blog. He was once entirely right. This submit actually made my day. You cann’t imagine just how so much time I had spent for this information! Thanks!

  • Smitty

    "That's what I want to do in my life. I want to help children." LMAO!

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