There are Sexy Chivers Among Us (113 Photos)

  • Antony Carrabo

    Beantown Chiver here! Commonwealth Avenue apartment over Thai restaurant…

  • Mel

    so, which has everyone fapped to already? which do you plan to fap to? don't lie either

  • Ben

    just about blew in my pants when i saw 93 !!!

  • Chiveon

    #56 Definitely my favorite, hands down!

  • ben

    just about blew in my pants when i saw #93 !!!

    • ORChiverAZ

      Thank you! The top pic is me, the bottom is not! IDK what happened there! hope you were reffering to me! Chive On!

  • Ben

    Dammit! I went to a leafs game and forgot to wear my Chive on shirt!!!

    Go #112

  • Flee


  • *

    61 would be a lot of fun! Thnks ladies!

  • IronBound19

    #46 Amazing tits and Abs. #61!

    P.S. gotta keep the posts to 50 or 60. 100 is too many to keep track of

  • Evan Y.

    If i could get a date with any of these girls I would be one very happy boy….especially 107

  • Jorge

    how about this crap?

  • sam


  • CDN

    Wow, these posts are getting skankier and skankier as the weeks go by. Keep it classy ladies! Some of you are but most of you, ugh!

  • {LesbianChivette}

    #91 sexy as fuck.
    #110 will you be lesbian with me please!!!! Find her chivers!!!

  • Chivette!


    • Box

      Bless you

  • Hassan

    #112 Yes finally a Toronto Chivette! Nice tush also! Toronto ftw. Good post Chive. 🙂

  • APJ

    #103: thank you and know that us chivers support you lovely ladies.

  • abba

    #1 #16 #54 #63#107 Gorgeous

  • Keith_D

    Dear Lord, please find #53 and #111! Please, do it for a poor, starving musician and loyal Chiver.

    • Veezy

      🙂 The first one loos familiar!

  • Rob Beshures

    #31 Find her

  • Archi

    56….got damn!!!!!!!!

  • graham

    Where is the "country girl"???? MOOAARRR

  • Byron

    69 is the sexiest girl ive seen on the chive.

  • slater

    #113 is AUSTRIA not Australia..

  • Lester Diamond

    #111……I’m in love……absolutely stunning!

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