There are Sexy Chivers Among Us (113 Photos)

  • desertsteel

    most incredible puffies!!

  • B4F2D0

    need more comments on #49. She's willing to submit more if more people comment.

    • Gellin


  • Micks

    #106 wins.. gotta love girls with tattoos… lovelly smile!

  • desertsteel

    Lets go punch some holes and make some noise!

  • desertsteel

    Gap Perfect!

    • Dhevy

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  • Three Things


    So… I got you this engagement ring…

  • Gellin

    #49 now that's one fine ass, lets see the front now #63drop dead gorgeous, let's see the back now #64 holy ta-ta's!! #98 incredibly sexy #110 yes your eyes are beautiful but holy shit your tits are huge! this post is too much to handle, thank you chivettes!@!!!

  • AmericoPolk

    #19 Great Job!

    • Southern Belle

      thanksss 🙂

  • XR4TI

    I don't want this gallery to ever go away

  • Love da Chive

    #33 DAMN!!!! I would very much impregnate this stunning beauty!

  • Love da Chive

    #107 MOAR!!!!!

  • James

    #9 Find her please

  • Anonymous

    #74 lives down the street from me.

  • waltgator

    #112 ill become an oiler fan for that ass & legs & her!

    • Sab

      I think you mean the maple leafs there buddy! The oilers are from Edmonton. She’s from Toronto…

  • B4F2D0

    hey its #49 we submitted another picture. Show your support and maybe they will want more of me.

  • Johnny

    #100 Marry Me?

  • Duke

    #3 & 85……….damn!!!!!! That’s all I have.

  • beds

    #62 ❤

  • Kathrin

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  • Always Last


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