Your camera was in the lost ‘n found (43 photos)

  • Josh

    Find number 3

    • Mike

      #3 is ex-porn start/ex charlie sheen goddess Bree Olson.

  • #1needstositonmyface

    Who is # 1 folks??? Damn son….

  • Brizzin

    Marry me # 23

  • Anonymous

    Tell me you guys see the person in the background of #4 look close. And we need alot more of the blond in 18

  • Drift

    #16 photoshop fail

  • @Wanuekaz

    me likey……… MUCHO!!

  • TheAutomaticMan

    wait………………… what?

  • showboat

    Excluding 11 28 37. Gorgeous girls!

  • Matt

    You can tell #19 is gorgeous just from her smile, please get us MOAR!

  • cardgeeks

    None of these women are from, have ever been, or will ever be to the state of Kansas. Time to move.

  • no one cares


  • chive is racist

    1 black girl. that is 1/43 = 2.3 percent.

    There are 12.2% African Americans in the United States.


    only 1 minority. About 37% minorities in the US. CHIVE FAIL.

    THIS Site is kind of prejudice.

    But hey the chive is starting to come arounds lowly. Usually this post would ahve all white girls. Maybe 1 picture making fun of black people or some stereotypical picture depciting black women as fat and what not.

    Chive is growing yay!

    • Cake

      Did u ever think that maybe, just maybe the majority of girls SUBMITTING their pictures are white? Sure the Chive may find some pics online, but they post submitted pics as well. I’m getting tired of all these stupid suggestions lately that the Chives is racist. Keep Calm & Chive the F$@# On!

    • LKDJGJ

      Maybe you'd be worth listening to if you can prove that 12% of African Americans submit pictures to the Chive for these kinds of posts. Or do you know any black redheads?

  • troll

    #41 whoa, a Lykke Li fan.

  • NeatFreak

    Dear #27, please clean your room.

    • Guest

      you can bet that snapper is about as clean as that room.

    • Charlie

      If you noticed that there's a room…I have some bad news for you.

  • Falthor

    Sorry bro but that is a little racist, even though I too am Light skinned with Blue eyes and blonde hair. please keep these replies off my comments.

    • Bucky Jones

      I love how that Racist guy calls theChive racist and gets over 100 thumbs down but this guys says that Aryans are the superior race and at this time only has 3 thumbs down.

  • theKid

    i swear these bitches love themselves more than we love them.

  • akuma308

    Omg please find #23….. f – in smokin hot

  • BrianBrains

    First. Thank God for skin, and Thank whoever for skimpy clothes and Sexy women.
    Second. Go fuck your self Racist for your comment previous to this post about minorities.

  • AssClown

    Wow #43 is incredible!!!

    • AssClown

      Sorry 42 not 43

  • DW

    #1 Might be the most beautiful girl I have ever seen.

    • oletripod

      She's a little duck faced but yea, hot as fuck.

  • yessah

    #28 is obviously someones wife about to go out on a date. And hubby is taking the picture.

  • Shut up Chipbuty

    You are a moron. There is no such thing as a pure race. If you believe in the Bible, the garden of eden was in the middle east. If you believe in eveloution we came evolved from a monkey. Stop all of this race crap and let me enjoy!

  • Anonymous

    9 instant errection

  • Chiv3On



  • main man

    Find me 31# we need MOAR!!!!!

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