Your camera was in the lost ‘n found (43 photos)

  • rikooprate

    #9 WHOA! MOAR!!!

  • Tim

    #33 doesn’t appear to be wearing a ring… DIBS!!!

  • oletripod

    #32 fapfapfapfap

  • Matt

    #16 that awkward moment when you forget to photoshop both your boobs.

  • techno_viking

    #7, #20, and #23 Doing it right.

  • togaen

    #36 moar moar moar

  • Carlos

    #3 #5 #6 #8 Goddamn.

  • VileThings

    #22 Can I have fries with that?

  • bkfrijoles

    i did enjoy #2

  • Motorheadjay

    I Think I'm in Love!!… ….Chivee…FIND HER ASAP!!!!!!..Pleaseeee


  • yayaa
  • Tony

    I don’t think anything pisses me off more than a beautiful woman taking a picture of herself, and looking at herself on the screen of the phone, rather than the camera lense. It just tells me how conceited they are. I want nothing to do with them. Thanks for the attempt though. For those of you that are doing it right, thank you!

  • chris

    I think I know #29. Or seen her somewhere. I live in tulsa and I’d remeber beauty like that when I see it. And I know I’ve seen it around here somewhere.

    • JDTulsa52

      I thought the same thing Chris.. But from where…..

  • Chivoso

    #21… so THAT'S what you did when you got out of bed. I wondered what all the clicking was about. I just hope you didn't post the pic of Mr Johnson – don't want the other Chivers gettin all jealous on me.

  • Dave

    #7 hooked me. What a sweet real girl. love the smile!!!

  • oliverklosov

    Meh until #18 #23 #42

    • asdf

      yeah. sexy chivers is going to have a hard time beating this post. Good Luck Chive! I believe in you!

    • Bryan_W

      #15 is not "meh"

      • oliverklosov

        You are correct however, I like to see more of dat ass, nah mean?

    • Suxo Motskobili


  • mr mactastic

    #36 is the epitome of classy sexiness

    • Guest

      Yeah, nothing screams classy more than a chick taking a picture of herself with a cell phone in a shitter.

  • Cal1

    No16 her tit is obviously photoshopped, poor titty

  • Micah

    Thank you for the Tulsa Chivette. We need more!

  • bigred

    MOAR #42!

  • MikeBedlam

    #1 and #6 are perfection.

    This entire post has too much win for teh interwebz.


    #21 is HOT !!! PLEASE FIND HER !!!!! Does anybody have more pix of her ?

  • Commando00

    #3 #14……..breathe ladies

    #15 #22 #23 #43……Simply GORGEOUS!!

    Thanks Chive!1 WHat a way to end the week…..

    • Fish On

      #3 Bree Olsen, porn star and Charlie Sheen "Goddess"



  • echogeo

    Honey isn't as sweet as this gal.

    • Bobby

      She must be a model. Looks like a photo set in the background and lots of makeup applying apparatus in the foreground. Oh yeah, and she's very beautiful.

    • Adam

      Her name is Caitlin O'Connor enjoy.

    • themeimcounting

      Is that a gratuitous boob in the background?

      • haz

        muh fuggin hawk eyes. good looks boobi wan cuntitti.

  • echogeo

    #22 #23
    Same girl?

    • RGee

      Yup and the next one after too I am thinking #24

    • Bobby

      Probably same girl. Usually when a girl finds a pose/head tilt she likes, she sticks with it…forever.

      • Morgan Freeman

        Good eye, also same phone.

    • Findher

      Grey tank pic is THE reason I know what The Chive is….

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