Cat Saturday (28 Photos)



  • dante37

    #13 In the year two thousaaaaaand

    • hotkarl8083

      Totally heard the dudes voice in my head singing while I was reading it.

    • Catfan

      Damn, I thought of posting exactly the same on the second I saw that picture 😀

  • growler

    Chive. There are only 2 black cats . You are racist. I demand at least 30% representation on all Cat Saturdays

    • spike

      Chive there are only cats on this. You are speciesist. I demand at least 30% dogs on cat saturday

  • jadeDHero

    Pimping Mac out on Twitter now are we?

  • Dano

    #15…Just chillin in my humans lap.

  • bodykarmabella

    #19 and #21 omg

  • Anonymous

    Liverpool fc does not want any minority kittys

  • jonstotts

    Whats up with a dog day!! Cats are ok and all but dogs are the shiz

  • Cal1

    Dogs rule the world!!!!!!!!! Cats are vermin

  • warouvish

    #13 and on a night just like tonight. There was a cat who had to wear a cone!

  • hercules_rockefeller

    do a dog sunday or something!!!!!

    • Unfkngblvbl

      Agreed, I like Cat Saturday, but we do need a dog day. You don't have to do it on Sunday, but we need a dog day. Dog's are cool and funny too.

  • Mike Turner

    Once again Mac the Ass Clown contributes to Chive with ackward display of road kill. It is fairly obvious that Chive closes down over the weekend and puts this mouth breather in charge. When is his internship up? I am sure there are several little old ladies that have never been married that need his “talent” to make kitty sweaters to sell at the SPCA.

    • Rob Taylor

      Why does Mack suck balls so severly? What is next “Hamster Monday?” I can understand Dog Saturday but dedicating a day of the week to an animal that serves no logical purpose but to comfort people that have social anxiety disorder and/or individuals that cannot find a mate is ridiculous. I would have terminated this guy long ago but the ideal of Mac working selling cat sweaters for old ladies is a realistic opportunity for Mac.

  • Dobber

    Women love cats; therefore, I love cats and support cat Saturday completely.

  • heywoodjablowme

    #15 time to trim the pussy.

  • Bee

    #25, Well you do now.

  • The dude

    Why not just call it Caturday?

  • Nastii

    #19 "Let me line up the shot….. Sh** GRENADE!!!!"

  • Lara.

    #27 needs the caption, “what’s your password?”

  • http://Chive Jimy

    #22 MY TENDERS!!!!

  • http://Chive Jimy

    Lol 27 should say “i surf kitty porn”

  • Apple

    I demand a picture of Ricky Gervais' cat, Ollie. He loves her so.!/rickygervais/media/slidesh
    Meanwhile, #25 D'AWWWWWW

  • Vet

    #28 wow what tacky furniture

  • TxsDesiree

    #25 You don't own cats, cats own you….. Silly human!

  • CzarCzarBinks

    #24 ❤ cute af.
    #18 hilarious af.

  • Mike ock

    FIRE MAC!!!! FIRE MAC!!!!! FIRE MAC!!!!!!!!!
    FIRE MAC!!!! FIRE MAC!!!!! FIRE MAC!!!!!!!!!
    These dirty ass cats are the only pussy he has seen from his grandma’s basement.

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