Cat Saturday (28 Photos)

  • ViewtifulJesse

    Both of my cats died within three months of each other. The first, of age-relatede causes. The second unexpectedly got cancer at the age of nine years. It's been a really rough period, looking around the corner in hope of seeing one curled up on the couch, only to remember that they're…gone. Then, like a punch in the belly, all of those feelings of remorse and loss resurface instantly.
    But these pics helped me remember some of the good times, and I'm at peace; at least, for now.
    Thanks, Chive and all of you posters. I'm in your debt.

  • Mikeock

    Trying having a romantic relationship with a human

  • Joe Dirt

    Way to sensitive ass bag. What a douche.

  • batdoc

    How come we don't have Dog Sunday?

  • Mike Ock

    Mac sucks so many cat balls that he has cat taint rash on his chin. Cats should be fed to dogs.

  • Mike Ock

    I catch cats in raccoon traps and drive them way out of town to let them go. No less than ten miles from my house

  • Tweezy

    #15 appears to be a wet pussy

  • OpMongoose

    #13 "In the year 2000"

  • Ron Taylor

    Fuck you and your cats Mac.

  • haba

    god I love cat saturday,I go aww almost in every pic in this thread,these cats are so cute and adorable.

  • Marcis

    #24 MEOW wheres my kiss!

  • bisonbade

    #24 never thought i would be jealous of a cat…

  • lindsay1988

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  • Thomas

    #27 "I DUZ WUT YEW DUZ"

  • Silverdrgn

    #20 They do take up ALL the bed, no matter how small

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  • Kodi Bell

    # 25, now you do…

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