Hot girls in the middle of nowhere (27 HQ Photos)

Are you a hot girl in the middle of nowhere? Do you have a camera? Take a picture and submit it to mactheintern [at] gmail [dot] com.

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  • @DriftwoodProse

    #3 – Jennifer Lawrence? Approved!

    #23, just because.

    • mask of zoro

      8 PICTURE Looks like a dead body lmao

    • GI Joe


      Dirty knees??? I wonder why??

  • 314_nick

    first is so 2011

  • JLoo


  • iambigd42

    #26 Don't be shy



  • iambigd42



    • Brian

      The total package

    • ned kelly

      Emily scott… English model/DJ

      • (.Y.)

        You're a gentlemen and a Scholar.

      • mopmonkey

        my new hero…well done…she has many bikinis,and sometimes she doesn't

    • its_forge

      I am vaguely interested, but only vaguely interested, in understanding how she could be wearing a bikini that skin-tight and not have *massive* camel toe. Must be some sort of form-fitting pad in her bikini bottoms or something. One that doesn't show. Or y'know, Photoshop.

    • SKEWED

      New Fav model…Stunning.

  • melganhoax


    • melganFoax

      DID IT

  • sikrampage1

    #14 #17 # 23 caught my eye!

  • Chuck_Wagon

    #24 I see you like to climb trees…..I like to climb trees too.

  • ezbonilla1

    #14 #17 #23 are gorgeous

  • Eric

    First of all, you're an asshole for reposting the same thing 12 times (no I didn't count). 2nd of all, I can pretty much guarantee they get 98% pictures of white girls. A lot of the asian girls they post are professional models taken from the internet. It's not their fault if contributing chivettes are mostly white. I'm pretty sure they've said on multiple occasions that they'd like to see more from black, asian, etc. girls.

    Anyway, shut up and stop being a douche.

    • chiveisracist

      Eric. Show me when the chive said, we want to see more from minorities.

      Nope. doesn't exist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Ooohh, snap

        Hey ass licker, No one cares about your plight on the internet. So pick up a sign and go stand in front of a building. Isn't that what all the poor people are doing?

        • nosebleed

          Funny how many of these comments are ridiculing OWS for some reason, and yet this site has a regular post about shitty jobs. Plus, no one would go thru the touble of making a sign mentioning the Chive unless they were trying to get their underboob on the internet.

          • jay

            I didn't the have the opportunity to read the original comment at hand, but from what I've picked up…

            In my opinion he used the wrong word, but maybe this man had a genuine concern that this site does not post much of women of other ethnicities. As reasonable people we should have told this man that he was wrong, why he was so, and hope he could continue to enjoy the chive.

            Anyway, I too would like to see more diversity. I don't think chive is racist though.

      • truth

        If you want to see variety in your Chive posts, complain on other sites. 75-85% of what Chive posts comes from other websites. Nobody, the least of which Chive staff, want to see your minority crusade posts. Especially when it is without merit.

      • Smitty

        chiveis….. — Last time I checked, it is a FREE COUNTRY and not yet socialist. That means, YOU have every opportunity available to you!
        Take advantage of your FREEDOM, go create a jivechive site and put whatever you want on it!

      • orion

        I believe there was a post recently called bla k is beautiful. Nope sorry chive is not racist

  • @Pud_Divine

    Hey douche-fuck, Its a free country. If you have such a problem with the bloody site STOP SUPPORTING IT! Because seriously if all you have to do with your time is get really angry at a site you dont have to be on I feel really bad for you and maybe you should go do something with your life instead.

    • chiveisracist

      we don't say bloody in the US.

      • Eric

        Haha talk about racism

      • @Pud_Divine

        I hope you're raped and beaten then left in a gutter to die.

        • MannyV

          I don't want that asshole clogging up a gutter. Throw his ass off a cliff.

      • Cheeseftw

        “we don’t say bloody in the US” seems like a blanket statement. I can bloody well guarantee some do.

    • psychopompus

      Pud_Divine you said it man. If he doesn't like it stop coming to the site.

  • chiveisracist

    yup ypu!

  • Deadmetal

    So basiclly what you're saying is you want racism towards white people?

    • truth

      All animals on Earth are racist. Humans are the only species that feels grief about it.

    • chiveisracist


  • Jason

    #8 is my favorite. very beautiful girl.

    • REB3

      That looks like a crime scene photo, a sexy crime scene photo, but a crime scene photo none the less

  • ANti Racist

    who's complaining ?
    -just you?
    sorry to hear about your shit !!!!

    • chiveisracist

      nope. shut it

      • aaron

        you're a dick; there are many non-whites checking the site out and you find it appropriate to waste people's time with your shit. Firstly, if you dont like it that much piss off and check out another site. Secondly, their posts are based on what people submit (like SC and lost cameras): therefore they post what they get in.

        Go and sort out society because i'm sure political parties, media organisations, major businesses etc should probably hear your shit before a blog site that you really dont have to frequent…

  • nosebleed

    agreed. Although personally i scroll right thru the black chicks.

    • chiveisracist

      thank yo nosebleed

  • steve

    #21 dream girl ❤

    • Maximiliaanvdv

      Well, If we just knew her name, We could dream even more 😉

      • T.K.

        Her name is Emily Scott, my friend.

  • sebastianbleach

    #1 is #1

  • steve

    #27 is good too

  • Lyrmat

    Jez! What fucking spam here anyway… GTFO dude!

  • ShakeyTheMoyle

    Pretty sure you're bout the only one complaining about it. Here's an idea…make your own website and pander to your race, color or creed, likes, dislikes and prejudices….problem solved!

  • Bob

    You are a loser just looking for a fight.

  • broxstar

    yeah its a shame i had to take the time to scroll past your bullshit, go occupy something you fag

    • Bob

      He is for sure an occupier. haha

  • Yo momma

    Bitch, please.

  • The Dude

    who is #21?

    • Lauren Gentile

      Seconded! Looks like a mix between Jessica Alba and Melanie Iglesias, which is pretty much the definition of perfection.

      • CHIPBUTY


      • echogeo

        She reminds me a little of Keeley Hazel also. Nearly cut from the same mold.

    • Mikey

      Joanna Krupa. You're welcome

      • Jimbo

        Actually Mikey it's Emily scott an Australian model.

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