Behind the Scenes Sunday (16 Photos)

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  • iambigd42

    #9 WTF?

    • frankSR


    • cr1min4l

      Is that pee-wee?

    • Hah

      Da da da da da da da, Tequila!

      If you never did the dance of the big shoe, you my friend are quite young.

      Hah hah hah!

    • GomerPyle

      Darth Vader and Pee Wee Herman. What's the problem?

    • schango

      That has to be a behind the scenes from 2011 Spike's Scream Award. They were both honored during the show.

    • Tuff Guy

      Definitely a more recent pic. You can tell by Paul Rubens aka Pee Wee

  • Triceranuts

    #1 Don't worry if the harness snaps LRH will save you lol.

    • Maureen

      #1 caption needs to be fixed. That's not Brad Bird, but DP Robert Elswit.

    • dave

      You just love putting down people who arent like you, huh?

      • Sargento

        #9 Oh look, it's a whiny little douche

    • etcrr

      who do scientologists pray to when dropping 30 stories ? The writer? (yes play on words)

  • Oddie Monsta

    #9 LOL

  • El Chive

    #9 "Now lets take one pointing over there"

  • trolol

    [[331399223556184]] [[286042634779174]] [[330023780360758]] [[329237617088409]] [[204120926342364]] [[131297490319188]] [[289987304385341]]
    [[295847560451136]] [[278880668827213]] [[260560750675461]] [[264494386943951]] [[208640915887167]] [[270643856326606]] [[334868623190983]] [[263173770411836]]
    [[265844723474789]] [[325742447454304]] [[207587629327321]] [[294223273948603]] [[323449457679402]] [[258622847533513]] [[242014162533924]] [[158386917602797]]
    [[306019522772134]] [[267712979948966]] [[301751889864065]] [[213122875437139]] [[164020277032670]] [[158735217564918]] [[261124587284685]] [[301991303173149]]
    [[114261558693806]] [[113889888730617]] [[316407155046042]] [[316473595041291]] [[346326392049037]] [[284570571589911]] [[298670736837009]] [[186000198162731]]
    [[219939044752270]] [[336155773063546]] [[131032267012645]] [[155856061183812]] [[208532722565686]] [[268249169896142]] [[204863289602546]] [[242397452496887]]
    [[199766206779497]] [[157903644315266]] [[212393248843131]]

    • joe

      "I reject your reality and substitute my own."
      -Adam Savage

      • frankSR

        i raise

    • Gangstarr

      for facebook it's awesome. this…not so much.

      • 6655321

        Facebook and awesome in the same sentence? Never correct.

  • Dan

    #9 That's a cylon and Al Pacino. Duh.

  • Rocks Off

    #10 is from The Empire Strikes Back, not Star Wars. That’s Leia’s Hoth outfit.

  • brad pitt

    Dear Chive,

    Why are their no puerto ricans, malaysians or eskimos behind-the-scenes. You must be racist.

    Where is that chiveracist @$$hole, anyways?

    • Dan

      Not cool.

    • BeatItRaw

      Dear Brad Pitt,
      You have a tiny Wiener.


    • Kimmy

      You were great in Thelma & Louise!

    • mitch

      I don't think anyone caught your sarcasm, but I noticed racism guy wasn't on "so you got wasted" either.

  • smiley

    #14 Wow I never realized how similar movie posters were…you'd think with all the money they make they could come up with something new and innovative

    • Dan

      99% of the stuff that comes out of Hollywood is recycled, why not posters too?

    • drewplp

      You should also look at this link… and then google the "Dreamwork face"

    • Russell

      They left out my favorite duo poster, that of Mr & Mrs Smith, and that ain't right! Yep, Hollywood is fresh outta ideas or they ain't paying the designers nearly enough, those cheapskates!

    • iaya97

      What I took out of it is never center on an eye for your poster if you want your movie to be really succesfull

    • pants full

      eye pewpeded in mein underpantz and poop, poooooopp i sez poopoonstinky poo poo poop poop

  • *dash*

    #2 is Back to the Future II

    • Mr. McGibblets


    • derp

      you don't say

  • dthfrmabv

    #9 HA! Pee Wee and Darth Fudge Packer…..Star Wars sucks

    • Mark

      You sir are the worst, star wars is the best thing ever to be gifted to mankind.

    • Russell

      It's Pee Wee Herman if you don't mind!

  • Benjamin


  • El_Hefe


  • Casey

    #4 Joss Whedon. Not Josh Whedon. Give the man some respect.

  • El_Hefe

    #8 is going to better a looker!

    • JHL1

      I'm not exactly sure what you're saying, but I think I agree.

      • El_Hefe

        hahaha… i meant SHE is going to be a looker

  • Shithappens

    just watched Hook last night…. what a classic.

  • Såndre

    The Pee Wee and Darth one, might be from Scream Awards this year..

  • Horcrux

    Emma Watson eats pizza?

    • Jason

      Emma Watson eats?

  • Snail

    #8 I really enjoyed super 8.

    • Stranger

      Super 8 sucks!! What a boring movie that is!

    • Mike

      hell yea, it was a classic, deff underrated for what it really was. just like my parents had me watching ET and Monster Squad ect… this is gonna be one of the movies i show my kids in the future

      • @DriftwoodProse

        Kind of felt bad for pretty much every other actor in the movie though, because Elle stole every scene. It's pretty amazing how dominating she was in that.

  • frankSR

    Any norm, convention or requirement

  • Whiskey

    Love #3, but on #4 it's Joss Whedon. Sorry, I'm a fangirl.

  • Daro

    #10 EPIC !

    • JHL1

      *Epic Hover-hands!

    • anti-chris

      Epic isn't the word, I think. I guess epic will be used like "awesome" for things that usually aren't.

  • Daro

    #13 she is so cute

  • Harmonica

    #12 they look pretty badass with shoes on

  • pulling on my leg

    #13 Pee-wee's Big Adventure in Space

    • pulling on my leg

      oops! First time poster (and obviously a moron). Meant the comment for this

      • pulling on my leg

        Try again?

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