Behind the Scenes Sunday (16 Photos)

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  • Jame

    Sorry, but in #1, Brad Bird is definitely not in the picture

  • Seldi84

    There was also a whole thing in 2008 when nearly all of the posters for blockbusters where blue & orange as aparently that subconsciously means success. Which i don't understand as no one looks good in orange.

  • The Annoyed Elephant

    #10 is not Star Wars. It's The Empire Strikes Back on the Bespin set.

  • Bob

    #14 true but what works gets your attention

  • red_dawn19

    #12 boss

  • thedude325

    #11 How the fuck am I so funny. Am I a clown? Am I here to amuse you?

  • Fhunjunkie

    thedude325- great name, but that line is from Goodfellas, not Casino

  • Russell

    Re #13, for crying out loud, OF COURSE they're eating, dammit! What else does it look like they're doing???

  • Wtf!!!!!

    Chive is racist? If you don’t like what is on the site then don’t look its that simple.

  • Russell

    Did the Sheik make Tom Cruise read the Koran or relinquish his faith in Scientology before letting him leap out of the Burj Khalifa in #1? Is there an Arabic version in which he yells out "Allah is Great" as he makes the plunge? Heheh.

  • Markus

    #12 they`re taking the hobbits to promo shoot to promo shoot to promo shoot

  • Kobie

    #10 is from Empire Strikes Back, not Star Wars.

    • spartus

      which is part of Star Wars…. facepalm*

      • Rocks Off

        No, Douche, they're completely different movies separated by three years. So suck it. You wouldn't say that Michael had Fredo killed in the Godfather would you? No you'd say he was killed in the Godfather part II.



  • chicago

    #1 why can't stunts go wrong for the right people

    • shtsquid

      too true

  • spartan104fred

    all the money they made from Harry Potter and they are eating dominos

  • John

    can we have som BTS pics from firefly???

  • Anonymous

    Whoa guys, it’s JOHN Krasinski not Josh Krasinski!

  • Anonymous

    Whoa guys, it’s JOHN Krasinski not Josh Krasinski!!

  • alorac

    #14 I'm pretty sure Unforgiven did it first and 3:10 to Yuma and Cowboys and aliens are kinda playing off of it… everything else can suck it

  • keen_owl

    #12 They look so classy..

  • jhf60

    #6 … A special shout-out to Stanley Kubrick, one of America's great film directors. His works include – 2001: A Space Odyssey, Full Metal Jacket, A Clockwork Orange, Dr. Strangelove, and of course, The Shining.

  • dorkheimervanjensen

    Went to comments just see the DORKFEST!

  • aggiemuse

    #14 This helps explain some confusion I've had lately! HAHA!

  • time4taco

    #12 notice how their ears gradually get closer to their head from left to right

    #13 Home alone…?

  • time4taco

    lay off the pepsi fuller

  • luckyB

    #14…talk about lack of crativity and orginality….maybe laziness?

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