P-61 Black Widow (31 Photos)

  • etcrr

    Great pictures of an under-rated plane.

    • Ash

      Indeed….Next to the XB-70, The P-61 is my fav, I take pictures of it everytime I visit the Airforce museum in Dayton.

  • Sjakie

    Googling Black Widow I found some nice pictures of Scarlet Johanson. It's a pity you didn't include her.


    Excellent set of piccies Rick. the first aircraft designed from the outset as a night fighter. you also found an F15 Reporter recon version with the bubble canopy Cool.

  • Ash

    Is in China and has been 'for sale' for many years….rumour is that they have 2 widows…both in bad shape from sitting outside.
    I wish somebody would buy them and save them 😦

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