Soooo…. you got wasted (34 Photos)

Are you wasted? Get your shit together and send your pictures to mactheintern [at] gmail [dot] com.

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  • Poonisher


    • Frenzifreddie

      Here you go

      *hands over ticking bomb*

  • HennyJimdrix

    #3 – I wonder whose bra is that?

    • mihaisuzuki

      So, you're a bra hunter, huh? Cool story!

  • FreshChives

    #17 Best bar in Lawrence, Ks!

    • Chief

      too bad that's the one in Champaign, IL

    • bumble

      no it's not dood. Christ.

      • Chief

        Oh, they put Fighting Illini signs up in the one in Lawrence too? Who knew? The white sign clearly says "Illini" on it. Ass.

    • Muppet

      Shooting her in the face, your doing it wrong.

  • aaron

    #27 find the girl in the glasses!!!!

    • andy

      keep an eye out for hair that smells like beer…

      • whyme1973

        That's how you know you found the right one.

        • >.>

          Come to New Orleans and you'll find tons of beer soaked hair around here.

    • togaen


    • cr1min4l

      Really? Why?

  • tangled

    #8 wasted enough for snowballing. ewwwwww

    • penguin slayer

      thats not a snowball

      • The Bacon Chronicles

        Clerks taught me that whatever they're doing, it is definitely not a snowball.

  • @MattBraun1Word


    • SpiderFly

      That's your comment?

    • Ang

      I hope that's 'shopped, if not then "the power of Christ compels you" Repeat as necessary.

    • goglas

      Timed to perfection….that photo should win awards

      • slartibartfast

        I think it is more like "photoshopped to perfection" instead 😉

    • MonkeyMadness

      lol this is awesome timing! I want to see the pic 2 seconds afterward. 😛

  • Frenzifreddie


    Labyrinth, Come In!

  • cardcarrying

    #9 think I would rather be the one vomiting than the one kissing the douche

    • Richy

      perhaps the reason she vomited? not, just a little in her mouth either hA! kissing a douche

    • jojoleb

      find her ? not the vomiting one 😛 #9

  • h0llygh0st

    #26 Party hard!
    Also, why do Americans insist on ridiculing their drunk friends? ;S

    • wisemx

      Agree. I would never do that to my Biker bros.
      Integrity and Honor unto death.
      Semper Fi

      • StopTheBull

        LOL… seriously, have a word with yourself dude

    • Vet

      How do you know this person isn't Canadian?

      • THE ROAK

        Hey, I'm Canadian…..good point. Probably Canadian…

    • Ang

      Our sober friends wont let us draw cocks on them, except Todd, Todd loves the cock.

    • Chuck_Wagon

      I take it as the fact you had a great time last night.

    • Sluttypanda

      Why do Europeans/Canadians/Australians, etc insist on assuming every dumb action is American, and that everyone here is retarded?

      • Jed

        Just playing the odds

        • THIS IS MADNESS!!!

          American here, and I approve this message!

    • Muppet

      Doesn't matter, had ….

  • TwoChances

    #23. While you're down there………….

    • Paula_

      It's a money laundry!

      – Fan testimonial: "I got to say you are annoying sometimes but it wouldn't be a post with out reading one of your comments "

    • Archie Spires

      The training to be a fluffer is both easier and much more difficult than most people think.

  • Anon

    Too many bro's, not enough ho's

  • Tebow's V Card

    #26 Don't care, had sex.

  • Dapuge

    # 19 is my doppelganger, thats freaky

    • thehamburglar

      then he is your destiny

    • ZachBob

      too lazy to remember


    i said….. i said yo simaty sam i said isaid yo simatay…….JONNNY WATER SAY'S drink up and get down

    • Animal

      And Animal says "take a remedial English class."

      • MonkeyMadness

        I've been telling him that all along.

        • JONNNY WATER

          mokey u are a real dick salad stfu and gtfo derp herp derp

  • BloodScrubber

    #20 Is thinking…"which one was I spitting my chew in…and which one was I drinking from"….

    • Real American Ass

      HATE that feeling right when you sip it is like yep this is my spitter… sip* sip*… definatley my spitter

  • ChaseTheWalker

    #12 Meanwhile in Alaska….

  • dthfrmabv

    #14 dubstep sucks

    • Guse

      Isn't that the point anymore?

    • Random Things

      I've put that as my desktop, because fuck yeah, dubstep. I enjoy it, especially the older more dub styles. It has a fairly broad range of styles within it, so saying it sucks is a rather narrow view of such a broad genre. Admittedly a lot of it does suck. But the stuff that's good, is awesome.

  • Seldi84

    #1 I'd drink too if i got dumped by the pink ranger.

  • incognito

    Still… noone's more wasted than Franzo!

    • penguin slayer

      my hero!

    • chappy

      omg franzo is amazing! I am made of chocolate!

    • Aske

      Yeep! That's denmark -.-

  • togaen

    #23 I'd tumble dry her any day. Moar, please.

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  • KBull

    Shirt Monster!!! Yes!!!


    To live somewhere where your beer never gets cold. FTW

    • Tobi

      i like my beer cold… 🙂


    i mean warm. OOPPS

  • GI Joe

    #22 Yer doing it wrong….

    • Rob

      Hes doing it so right

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