• Name

    Male or female?

    • Mariah

      …Really? Quite clearly, HE is a male.

  • buddy love

    lil’ peanut str8 representin M-town!!!

  • Anonymous

    Good shit!!!! Hahaha

  • Poonisher

    Lol so how’s the weather up north?

  • Redynz

    Ellen is still on TV!?

  • ROET

    Pretentious Children are so F-ing Boring….

  • Work is Daily

    Why get the little black kid an escalade?? Why not a jeep wrangler???

    Give him 10 years and he’ll be rapping about fuckin bitches, his jewelry, and of course…his Cadillac!! Nigga wut!!!

    • Anonymous

      And still be making more money than you

    • Mariah

      Try not to be so ignorant…

  • Piper

    Future baby daddy. See you on Maury Lil Peanut. But seriously… That was terrible.

    • Mariah

      HE IS SEVEN YEARS OLD! But you can talk, can't you? Since you got on national TV as a SEVEN YEAR OLD and did the same? Oh wait… you didn't.

  • Anonymous

    That’s a cool whip… This old thing!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    kid’s 7 years old and rappin bout love, why does Ellen have to pull out the finger gun gangsta pose?! Lol

  • pooper

    meh i was expecting better

  • AS20

    Little dude killed it! Best of luck to him.

  • Hawkll

    Dayum…………No Future There !!! Be Dead By The Time He's In His 20's !!!

    • Mariah

      Why? What makes you say that?

  • Jala Meladuro

    Y’all be haters! Cuz this kid has more talent than you.. He is cute. Hopefully he does become a scientist..

  • Fern

    Props Chive! Lot of these trolls on here expect the world without giving anything back

  • zachytobaccy

    My uncle nicknamed me "Peanut" when I was born, but not because of my head 😦

  • lindsay1988

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  • http://twitter.com/SaunderCamp @SaunderCamp

    script brought to you by Ryan Secrest!

  • jasey

    yes ma'm

  • A2_tha_MFK

    That has got to be Ice Cube at 7 years old!

  • Sean

    normally exposing a child that age to what inevitably happens to people in the entertainment industry bothers me, but the kid is a natural entertainer, and the manners.. great manners. Very important young man, thank your parents someday.. pass it on to your kids.

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