Australian girl survives terrifying fall after bungee snaps (Video)

Erin Langworthy survived a terrifying fall with minor bumps after her bungee cord snapped during a 364 foot leap off Africa’s Victoria Falls Bridge, plunging her into the crocodile-infested Zambezi River below. Luckly, no one did anything.

Full story here.



  • Backslash

    Damn it. Now it'll take months until I can convince my girlfriend to want to do this again with me.

  • @JulieQxoxo

    Bungee jumping and a little white water action, two adventure activities for the price of one.

  • meat42

    That's fucked up.

  • Claudia

    Gosh, help!!!!! Why is there no security in the river?! I so would hit them in the face!!

  • 177ike

    Were any crocodiles injured ?

  • Alex

    Atleast it snapped when fully extended, I've known them break on the rebound and then you're screwed..

  • spartus

    i heard that one unbleeped "fuck"

  • Melody_coastie

    Shell be fine guys, she just has to survive the fall, wrestle the alligators and stay above water while going thru rapids…it’s cool, you guys stay up there and record her dying 🙂

  • dirtydougie

    "oh my god we need to do something!"………no shit?

  • squwilf

    Funny never thought a non regulated African bungie jumping station would be that dangerous.

  • BA420

    I've always wanted to try this UNTIL I saw this video

  • Sunny Jim

    I was gonna bunjee jump the next day there! Changed my mind quick! Awesome place Vic Falls! Went whitewater rafting instead!

  • Ahhhhhhhh......splat

    Gravity……….. What a bitch!

  • jonstotts

    Lets just stand here and curse at the situation…things will get better

  • adventxero

    She actually made it out unscathed. Only a few scratches and a bruise or two. Cant say Austrailians arent tough 🙂

  • michaeldifede

    Holy Crap? People are just stupid anymore. They are like "Oh my god! She's fine just chill out" no body cared or worried. Its like they thought that was supposed to happen! Morons!!!

  • etcrr

    Not no, HELL NO!

  • mountainsniper31

    One word: Africa

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  • @Csquaredapparel

    snap SLAP!

  • whistle

    I'd be mad at someone

  • girn

    stupid fat americans trying to bungee jump, the bungee line isn't meant for the typical 280 pound american slob LOL FATTIES MOOOOOOOOOOOO MOOOOOOOO!!!!!

    • John Stamos

      It's ok, reading the first word can be hard.

    • ImpressMe

      Australian. Probably alot tougher than you, troll. Would be enormously funny to see her kick your ass. If you learned to read with some comprehension you would have caught the part about her not being American. You live in your mom's basement, don't you……

  • shtsquid

    Props to her…that is one tough girl

  • Overlord

    I would have shit my pants.

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