Australian girl survives terrifying fall after bungee snaps (Video)

Erin Langworthy survived a terrifying fall with minor bumps after her bungee cord snapped during a 364 foot leap off Africa’s Victoria Falls Bridge, plunging her into the crocodile-infested Zambezi River below. Luckly, no one did anything.

Full story here.

  • Anonymous

    “Stupid Australian girl has shit-ton of money in her backpack! Quick cut the rope!” -African Bungee Guy-

  • Ft Hood is the abyss

    [BEEEEEEEP] [BEEEEP] "Oh my fucking God!!" [BEEEEEP] [BEEEEEEEEP]. Gez, so what were they bleeping? Wouldn't it be weird if they posted the uncensored versionand they were all, "The Holocaust never happened." "Six million is a gross exageration." "Oh my fucking God!!" "Sex with a 10-year-old is beautiful and pure." "Roswell was not a hoax, i have proof."

  • poopstainsonurmom

    White people problems

  • bagofchicken


  • http://no chestnuts

    Good thing the bungee cord had an extended warranty. Oh wait, it just ran out. Fuck, I knew it was a waste of money to get it.

  • Cubsfan

    I actually Jumped From there many years ago, it was awesome

  • kt

    Daniel Tosh was right. Australia is the Alabama of the world.

  • Dickle

    Girl says "who's gonna do something"? What in the World! Thank goodness the chick survived. She needs new friends.

  • Zimbo



    Hollywood’s Big Little Actors
    wowwwwww thats little thumbs are very bog stars

  • showtownman

    "Luckly, no one did anything." WTF?

  • trev

    What are her friends supposed to do? Look how high up and far away from her they are. What ended up happening though?

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