Ever seen this four door Ferrari? (23 Pictures)

  • http://twitter.com/3lementalmagick @3lementalmagick

    Very Lagonda/Zagato like at the front end…

  • haba

    you do realize that #11 and #20 is the same car right,its just shown from front and rear.

  • etcrr

    4-Door Ferrari's have been around for quite a few years in different forms. I like it but not as much as their others

    • przechuj

      name 3

      • przechuj

        so there is this, the pinin, 456 which wasn't 4 door and PanaQuattroMeraPorte which wasn't ferrari or a real car, just a fanmade not-so-preety rendering

      • Rob

        Google fail.

        • Asshole Aplenty

          Hey asshole, Pretty lame critisizing someone else and at the same time, not being accountable, So how about it mr Genius what are 3 types of 4-door Ferrar's

          • Asshole Aplenty


          • Rob

            Ferrari only conceptualized one 4 door car, the Pinin shown above. It was never put into production. The 456m was a 2 door car, 2nd generation of the 456 platform but also the basis of the 456 GT Sedan (Nafsas Al Khaddaja of Belgium, had 2 built) and 456 GT Venice (Prince Jefri Bolkiah of Brunei, ordered 7, but only bought 6) which were custom built by Pininfarnia, not by Ferrari. The PanaQuattroMeraPorte is a fan made rendering like przechuj stated.

            • Rob

              BTW it took me 30 seconds to find that information.

              • Shalini

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  • Jeong

    Man, that’s why I had aaylws wanted to be a chopper pilot, right there. But I wasn’t smart enough. Not only are the machines awesome, but so are the crew, both in the air, and those who keep them in the air. Well done, Marines! Semper Fi!!

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