I’ll show you a Dart: 1972 Demon (24 Photos)

  • Rob

    You need to do a post on the Hemi Dart.

    • Rick

      that was my first thought but I did a post on it about a year ago, I try my best to avoid re-posts…plus I thought that the discrepancy between the new one and a Hemi Dart is so great that it almost didn't make sense

  • Brian Hammitt

    I had a 71 Dodge Demon in 1971 very similar to this one. It had a bench seat and a four speed, 340 Thermal quad and the same color. The primary's in the carburetor were the size of dimes, but the secondaries were the size of silver dollars. I had the valves floating at 120 mph one time.

  • http://twitter.com/Beechlander @Beechlander

    #16 Wow! Just, wow!

    • Rob

      Justene Jaro

  • vince

    In 72 they were called a Dart Sport. They did away with the Demon name because it offended people. Another fun fact is Plymouth stole the Dart platform to make the Valiant/Scamp. So Dodge stole the Duster platform from Plymouth to make the Demon.

  • Boss Ross

    #21 GOOD LORD!!!!

  • etcrr

    pretty quick car for only a 340cid

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