In honor of tonight’s National Championship, our LSU and BAMA Chivettes (25 Photos)

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  • Kimmy

    Where can I get a Chive on beat Bama shirt from? I need one of those shirts!!!!!

  • Shinrahunter

    LSU wins my vote, try harder Bama.

  • Jordan

    #23 nice toe

  • Mike

    #2 FTW!!!!!

  • Nudity



  • Chiver

    #7 she is very niiiice

  • Thor

    Nice bama booty #25!!!! Roll tits, I mean tide! 😉

  • Bob

    #20 Houndstooth has never looked so good

    • TideMan4life

      I work with the girl from #20. I introduced her to the Chive and we tried forever to get this picture on here

  • junior

    Wasn't this game played in November and didn't LSU win…BUCK FAMA and War Damn Eagle, LSU is gonna wipe the floor with those Harvey Updyke mullet heads,

  • dubs

    LSU… way better looking

  • Chunk Pants

    #9 is amazing

  • Roy1531

    Well if the pictures are any indication of who is going to win the game it is LSU by a landslide!

  • Nicolas

    10 😮
    any1 know who she is?

  • Qui Que

    LSU gonna take it!!! And win the football game too

  • matt

    LSU hands down.

  • Jeremy

    Based on these photos I am rooting for LSU tonight, can't wait to see what they look like after a win!!

  • yankeesji

    LSU dominated.

  • Jimmy Clinton

    #25 You tried. Gave AMPLE effort to pull out the win for the Tide, but #2 #3 #5 #9 #10 #13 they stacked'em on ya'll. Tigers win in romp.

    • Jimmy Clinton

      #16 #22 and #23 had a little something to say in the loss

  • Gee 2

    #24 Awesomely cute!

  • hoobs

    Born and raised in Alabama… But F**K BAMA!!!! LSU and Auburn have the hotties! War Damn Eagle and Geaux Tigers!!

  • mod187


  • Kevin

    Sorry Bama, I have LSU 1-0 after these

    • mod187

      you mean 2-0, 3-0 after tonight's game!

  • rikooprate

    #3 & #24 will settle this. KY jelly wrestling style…

  • Fish On

    #2 and #9 win it, hands down.

  • Rdog

    LSU wins!

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