It’s Monday, you could use some motivation (35 Photos)

  • theAdventuresOfJim

    #8 everyone knows your supposed to freeze when you see a t-rex

    • grammar police


      • _alex

        we all get it anyway

      • theAdventuresOfJim


    • K2theV

      And some know you're supposed to have that friend that thinks so…somebody's gotta tell the story

    • Buford_Justice

      clever girl

    • Smuggler

      Go ahead, freeze. This way the T-Rex won't see you while the Raptor tears you apart.

  • SolidusSnake420

    #24 fuck I miss that show

    • cubanitagirl

      me too

      • SolidusSnake420

        One of those shows that can never happen again

    • PFiDC

      Freakazoid, chimpanzee

    • Matt

      Freak 'a' you, freak 'a' me.

  • etcrr

    #34 a hero in my book

    • YoutubeMemes

      too bad its shopped…. apparently they all love him in Iran.

      • Dr. Dick

        You obviously don't watch the news…ever heard of the green revolution dumb fuck?

        • coocoocuchoo

          The Green Revoltion was the use of GM high yield crops in India and Asia in the mid 20th century……dumb fuck

    • Hooleyman

      To bad your hero is shopped.

  • etcrr

    #33 Damn you HR

    • Steveystevesteve

      It concerns me that my imagination made her a trap.

    • Underbaker

      My imagination is trying to figure out ways to get even with people who do this kind of picture.

    • K2theV

      My imagination sees flapjacks thanks to whatever dress she is wearing

    • SKEWED

      Anyone else "Google Image" it anyway?!

    • just noticed

      As a female I just have to say….she looks like she has saggy boobs for being that young…boobs are boobs, but that shit won't age well

  • etcrr

    #1 Chrome don't take you home but ya gotta have it

    • wisemx

      Putting nickle, Chrome, over Stainless Steel, gosh.
      Any of us knuckle heads could have done it better.

    • jim

      Its actually not Chrome. The owner painstakingly took the time to polish the stainless steel by hand to make it look like chrome. To be honest, it probably would have been easier to just chrome the body panels.

    • f1junkie

      interesting to look at but really a slow POS

  • Navin R. Johnson

    #33 Gotta get rid of this damn dial up…….waiting…waiting…

    • Concerned Citizen


    • Underbaker

      I remember those days. That better not be one of them Tranny tricks!

  • whyme1973

    #4 #23 #35 Damn do I feel motivated now.

  • BritBerrier

    #21 – hugh laurie was a legend way before House.

    • AnyoneForCoffee

      Blackadder: A word guaranteed to make any Brit stop and smile.

      Blackadder Goes Forth: Three words guaranteed to make any Brit stop, smile and sigh….then slightly tear up over the end of the final episode.

      • Groggy

        I got two VHS tapes of Blackadder Goes Forth…unfortunate that those two VHS tapes are enough to hold every episode…

        "Millions have died, but our troops have advanced no further than an asthmatic ant with some heavy shopping."

        • AnyoneForCoffee

          – "This map represents the amount of territory we have won."
          – "What scale is it and how much territory is that?"
          – "The scale is actually 1:1…..about six feet."

          • Mr Sir

            – Tell me young crone, is this Putney?

            – That it be… that it be…

            – "Yes it is", not "that it be!"

            • Captain Darling

              Rather hoped I'd get through the whole show, go back to work at Pratt and Sons, keep wicket for the Croydon Gentlemen, marry Doris.
              Made a note in my diary on the way here.
              Simply says:


  • Nick


    Hoverboards are already real! Has no-one heard of Quantum Levitation??

    • Tom

      Yes but those boards don't work on water, unless you've got power.

    • Super8

      viva la chivettes! one downblouse- two FLBPs- french scientists are doin it rght!

    • newscot

      Yeah, that looks just as fun…

    • SKEWED

      Quantum Levitation had it's own post on here… Remember!? Regardless, outdoor Hoverboard or GTFO

    • Hero Status

      thats just shite

  • Hucks


    fu·ne·re·al /fyəˈni(ə)rēəl/
    Having the mournful, somber character appropriate to a funeral.

    • Gacy's Clown Service

      Finally an appropriately timed grammer nazi

      • Lucy Schroeder

        If you have to use the word "grammar nazi" at least spell it correctly! :p

        • Orlando

          those are two words, grammar and nazi……… :p -> :@

          • Lucy Schroeder

            You're right, now I'm to blame. Should have written "term" or something like that instead of "word"…

  • Tobi

    — NSFW —

    Google picture search, use it!

    • SARmedic

      Went to the link, it has to be a photoshop because I don't see the toe thumbs. If it isn't, mmmmm…..

      • Tobi

        Ofc megans face is a shop… if you google the picture theres the real one somewhere there too

        • Tobi

          So this pic here is in fact a shop of the shop I posted the link too. its SHopception!

          • Tobi

            A little bit of commentception here too

  • maboze1x

    #33 You no fun! :/

  • dagleja3

    #31 – Just be careful, that's also how you end up with more!

    • lonin

      Wouldn't it be the box that I came in?

      • ummm....ew

        you are correct, the original version is pretty sick

  • Ferret

    Can i see you a monorail sir?

  • ???


  • cubanitagirl

    #6 i couldnt agree more!

  • Cavok

    #35 a nerdy guy can still dream, dammit.

  • marcussam

    #33 Cant… Too preoccupied with #15..

  • duh_jones

    i prefer offense and defense

    • That Guy


    • Ben

      I was beginning to think I was the only one that caught that

      • WSU

        I thought I missed some inside joke.

  • truth

    I hate that movie just as much as everyone else but damn…couldn't this meme stay in 2011? Just let that horrible series(Twilight) die already and never be spoken of again.

    • newscot

      There's still one more movie to go.
      Then it can die.

      • Above AVERAGE

        It has vampires….

        It can never die

        • Seldi84

          Those are not vampires. They are damn sparkle faires.

  • Tom

    #19. I see, the game is afoot.

  • Turd Furgeson

    This entire thread was ripped from Memebase. WTF? Also, #1 is polished aluminum, not chrome. Worst thread on Chive ever.

    • Otter

      Acrually #1 is stainless steel. ALL deloreans were stainless steel……..dumbass. Worst comment on Chive EVER.

      • Turd Furgeson

        Yes, d-bag, I made an error in the post. Polished stainless is not chrome and every single one of these demotivators was ripped from Memebase posts from the weekend. Blow it out your a55.

        • In-Ter-Net

          Hey moron. I believe your comment has been posted before too. Get over it.

          • Turd Furgeson

            Feel better about yourself now? Congratulations on delivering venom without point. Have a noice day, chum.

            • Hmmm?

              I don't think anyone likes you.

        • truth

          I bet you get pissed using search engines too. "Damn you Google, that website was pulled right off of Yahoo's search results!".

          • Cowboy


        • torc

          now how does one make stainless steel? hmmm…. oh yea! steel+chrome!!!

          though most stuff nowadays that is refered to as chrome, is chrome plated steel, so i guess its right and wrong…

    • A Nutz Scavitity

      anus spelled any iz anus poopmin your pantez anus poop tourd came iut pooop harry butt holes iz buttttt holes twoo werds or poop? IJP (I Just Pooped) seressolly pooped smells cup too piip gerls cupp poopiniining poop

    • Mr.Rite

      Stainless Steel

    • Mark

      Shut up, Meg.

    • Final

      This entire reply is is to point out the obvious fact. Who wants to fucking go to the other site when I can get it here? This is a user submit site. Some one submitted it here. Now I can be lazy and just Chive.

    • Paulz

      Polished Stainless you nimrod!



  • sllimcat

    #33 i rebooted twice —- still no change

    • dildobat

      it's still awesome

  • Chris Moltisanti

    Funereal – |fyəˈni(ə)rēəl; fyoō-|
    having the mournful, somber character appropriate to a funeral : Lincoln's funereal gloominess was legendary.

    • Asshole Aplenty

      Thank you Webster

      • Webster

        I'll be here if you need me.

    • Merriam

      That funny moment when you realize
      You don't know 'funereal' was a word at all

      • crazydog

        More like that funny moment you realize you haven't known jack shit about english… should have typed "didn't", not "don't".

    • Rosie

      I was going to post this. My faith in humanity has risen just a few inches now that I know I was not the only one to recognize this. Thanks.

      • Meh

        Me too! "That funny moment when you realize you aren't quite as clever as you thought you were."

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