Obama and his many phones (22 HQ photos)

Photos from official White House Photographer, Pete Souza

  • Loud@theClouds

    I heard theres some candidate who’s trying to legalize pot, I think I’m voting for him

  • henri

    That prepaid flip comes from the NSA

  • WaikikiWayne

    How about a phone call to a cab company…. to pick him up, and take him away from the White House?

  • ComeAtMeBro

    #4 Got some Chivers up in the corner.

  • Paul

    There is an Eddie Murphy joke about being a redneck getting drunk and then voting for the guy as a joke and waking up finding out, HE FUCKING WON…

  • d1gitalpunk


  • amplidudes

    Ehm … why ?

  • amplidudes

    I guess this is a action hero cape

  • Anonymous

    Who f-ing cares about his g-damn phones!! Bad Chive, Bad!!!!

  • Landlubber77

    #21 "Mrs. Landingham!"

  • Mike Ock

    Why would anyone take 22 pictures of this Marxist piece of walking feces that turned America into Canada? Our taxes are higher along with our taxes and he just signed our military away in order to continue his fight to make America a Welfare State. Why dont you just take a crap on America flag while blowing a Muslim extremist?

  • Tom

    God made me sick to my stomach looking at all the pics of that PIECE OF SHI*!!! Now I know what a proctologist feels like. NOBAMA 2012 !!!!

  • Fred Garvin

    Good. You can have him next January.


    Replace all the phones with dildos. then see how everyone looks!!


  • Sachabonics

    Does anyone else think its odd that someone is practically next to him all the time taking pictures of him randomly.

  • winstonlabrador

    Picture 21: Biden's pants look like ones I've seen at Costco.

  • xani

    #4 those guys on the right are watching the chive

  • Mike

    #4 I like how the seat belt sign is on and everyone is standing up. I guess when you are the president you do what you want

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