Photo captions for the win (26 photos)

  • 68W

    #14 Yes, I miss ya GW. P-BO is a complete disaster.

    • Adam

      Osama agrees with you.

      • Ricco

        Yes we miss him. Time to Change.

  • YaYo

    #14 It's not that I miss you, it's just that BO is such an abomination that I'd gladly take you as a half wit over the POS POTUS we have now.

    • thom

      A nitwit who went to Harvard and Yale and has an MBA, and flew fighter jets?

      • ThatGuy

        He got into harvard and yale because he was a legacy of a politician and he had about a C average. His flying track record is also a bit dubious and he whether he was smart or not he was a coward.

        • Adam

          AWOL from the Air National Guard for the win!

      • its_forge

        You can get a degree from anywhere if you have enough money and your Daddy controls whether the head of the university keeps his job or not. As for fighter jets he flew with the "Champagne Squadron" which kinda tells you exactly how heroic they must have been, and he failed out of that too because he skipped a piss test and lost his certification, and then he was just too busy to show up for the one Sunday a month any more 'cuz he was too important and couldn't be bothered.

  • imyourhuckleberry

    I bet ya’ll love Obama and his phones tho. In hq too. Got you some new desktop wallpaper

  • LLD

    I second that. Keep theChive politics-free!!!

  • bkfrijoles

    #15 he knew what he was doing

    • OhOkayThen

      yeah…i don't miss him either

  • ChaseTheWalker

    Everyone crying about the Chive going political about #14 needs to STFU. This picture is in no way political. It's a funny picture like most Chive pictures. Just laugh at it and Chive the eff on! You are the ones making it into a political debate.

    • 123

      It is political. It's not funny. Period. Saying differently doesn't' make it so.

  • Scott

    #14 America went from picking a guy we wanted to have a beer with to a guy we wanted to play a pick-up game with. We need to seriously up our fucking standards.

    Having said that, fuck no I don't miss you yet. Stay in Texas.

  • Seldi84

    #3 #5 #24 Made me laugh.

  • W74


    Gotta love a good titration joke.

    • Ricco

      Nerd party of one, your table is ready.

  • MistaDabolina

    sooooo many reposts

  • Dave

    #1. Isn’t it ironic, don’t cha think?

  • rlogan75

    hell to the no!!!

  • luckyB

    #14 not really

  • Maby baby

    #17 Not Europ, try the world!

    • Ricco

      Yeah, because there's no garbage in Europe LOL Eurotrash LOL

  • Ben

    Everyone replying "no" is getting thumbed down, and everyone saying yes is getting thumbs up. This is why the Chive posts these things.

    Bush was an idiot and Obama hasn't really done anything of substance. But anyone who wants to debate can head over to reddit politics, or some similar site.

  • ME..BN

    #14….I GOT 5 ON IT!!!

  • ME..BN

    Look now I have abssss and musssslesss! And my bwaine wayssssss a hole lot lesssss than ssstheven poundssssss!!!

  • ME..BN

    Above #4

  • Anonymous


  • Irish777

    lol wow there must be like 9 people out there who are just waiting for people to bash bush so they can thumbs down them

  • Britt

    Take it easy, the chive has a responsibility to uphold. That is to lighten up everyday with funny, interesting, or sexy pictures/video. You guys trip me out y’all get offended by politics but a pedophile bear and making fun of the derps doesn’t ?? I love the chive. Quit taking every so serious. Keep calm. Chive on. P.s. yea I fkn miss bush.

  • kfitz9722

    #14 Chive, your right wing bias is showing again.

    • Ricco

      Agreed, it's ok to make fun of Republicans and whites, but God forbid you make a comment about a democrat or a black, LOL Fuck you kfitz

      • Moron...

        LOL… who said anything about blacks, whites, or race? Oh, that's right….YOU DID! Grow up.

      • kfitz9722

        I'm a college student that wants to come on Chive to see some attractive women and other stupid shit. If I want politics I'll look at BBC and you can look at FOX and pretend that they are telling the truth. And wtf does the mainstream media have to do with Chive? Stretch much?
        Edit Delete Report

  • Bob

    #12 wtf is that cos it ain't a girl……….

  • Elitist craphead

    don't do it chive. you'll pit chivers against chivers and there is no polite political discourse on teh internets. I'd rather you spend time finding us funny kitteh pix than policing the comment section.

  • Israel

    me too #6

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