Signs full of ‘WTF’ (32 Photos)

  • TommyB

    #9 I've taken like, at least 5 of these from local bars lol.

    • Paula_

      WARNING: midget porn site!

      – the one you love to hate

      • TommyB

        Who doesn't love midget porn, Paula!? 🙂

        • Paula_

          I don't… Those basterds keep getting lost, uhmm, … in there.

          – very FIRST commenter of 2012

          • TommyB

            Who better then to look for WMD?

    • a nuts

      dew booobs hairy = neber bewbed arenot they are hairy arounds the aririrororololola, thawt bewbs had fur on boewbs

  • second


  • dickbag

    #25 is clever, but shopped and #5 I need to find that Mc'ds now

  • Frank

    #29 is German and means "Old-Timer Ride". Probably from some Amusement Park.

    • yeah

      it's in Europa Park, Germany. Been there, seen that 😀

    • Mikey

      Having kids ride the old timer doesn't make it feel any better.

      • AndreLei

        Oldtimer is a German impression for classic cars.

  • Frank

    can't sleep … gotta chive !

  • Luke

    Wheres the WTF in #9?

    A good thing to ask I would of thought.

    • Richard

      It's a bit odd it says "employee" as if there was only one. But mostly, it's wtf because "wash hands" is in quotes.

    • stuart

      from oxford dictionary must -noun- 'mustiness, dampness, or mold'
      I would also wash my hands after seeing a sign for Emplyee Mold!

    • Max

      Employee can also just wipe hands on their pants.

    • tralfaz

      Maybe there is one employee that has to wash your hands and that is their chief responsibility.

    • poo pee pantz

      aye nutz

    • Trey Reeves

      Quotation marks around a word or phrase denote sarcasm, not emphasis.

  • Kahless

    #23 I live 3 blocks away from this place, it still have octopi problems…

    • guest

      not to be pedantic about this but the correct plural for octopus is octopuses, not octopi. 🙂

      • JHL1

        I find you very shallow and pedantic.

  • bigcat72

    #31 YUP! oh wait…. CRAP there's just doods here….. FML!

    • etcrr

      Sausage fest in the rear

    • tony

      someone should have gotten the slogan on the side. "come have a stiff one"

  • Danny

    My KCCO shirt arrived this morning. I'm working all the way in Bangladesh, well worth the wait of 2 months for it to get here! So happy. And some great WTF signs here!

    • arn pitz

      [;eez kill thine slef, yer life will nebber get bedder since tou got yourr shirt, dew us a fabber

  • Jim

    #13 #16 Both very true

  • oridotan

    #14 Bottomless pit is disappointing

  • Mad Hittman

    #25 Wonder what's behind door 502…

    • Johnny Two Toes

      Bad photoshop is bad.

    • AnyoneForCoffee

      …or 101…

    • guest

      the stairway to the 13th floor 😉

  • Anonymous

    #17 I dont get it

  • mazurati

    #17 Ready?! Set.. GO!

  • dashete

    #32 I guess that must be where The Twilight Zone door retired to.

  • csor1120

    #9 quotation win!

  • WTF


    • MonkeyMadness

      WTF are you talking about?

  • Anonymous

    #19 came from a Newfie fortune cookie!!!

  • Takingbackcider

    #1 "No Stairway? Denied!"

  • Otter

    #18 I can never find a place to jump cars with my cycle in this city

    • SeV1eRe

      I was thinking the exact same thing :/

      • friendlymunki

        Hong Kong! Oh how I miss the Wan King Path!

  • etcrr

    #15 OTTAWA (Reuters) – Two Canadians died instantly in a freak accident when a car hit a 440-pound (200-kg) black bear and sent the animal flying straight through the windshield of an oncoming vehicle, killing the driver and the passenger in the backseat

    • Underbaker

      I just think it is wrong to call Canadians Freaks. Don't matter if they were in an accident with the flying Bear.

  • Brad

    #15 actually happened, bear was hit in other lane flew up in the air and hit the vehicle coming the other way.

  • misschris

    #32 At least keeps the idiots out…

  • Joseph

    #15 Meanwhile in Canada……

  • Mark

    #17, taken by marquee security guys?

    • Kevin

      Haha, it would have been close. I was across the street from Marquee headed to Jimmyz and took that pic.

      • Ralfie

        Is that in Spokane? I saw that from Twigs in the mall.

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