What the world looks like magnified 22 millions times (14 Photos)

  • its_forge

    #2 The additive in cigarette paper is saltpeter. You know, the stuff that's supposed to give you erectile dysfunction. Yeah.

  • Grizzle

    Eh, I think the magnification claim is erroneous. Especially without proper micron markers. They are beautiful images though. This is why I study materials science!

  • Andy Valentine


    That was the sound of my brain exploding.

  • ConstableDubs

    #10 is propelled by the whispers of Satan.

  • cliqueded

    #10 Louse is singular, lice is plural.

  • B52

    Colibri (without the "bird") = hummingbird.

  • Corinne

    I'm disgusted…….on a microscopic level. O_o

  • poopstainsonurmom

    #6 Shouldn't that be "caterpillar eggs"?

    • zowie

      technically they are eggs from a butterfly . . . should have been called 'a butterfly's eggs'

  • gay chick

    moar please

  • Kimmy

    #10 Great now I'm seeing truck sized head lice everywhere!

  • Shucks

    I now appreciate swallowers even more.

  • Katie

    Wtf is up with number 12? An eyebrow on a corpse??

  • Henry Gibson

    Is it too late together this made into a calendar for 2012?

    And #3 looks like an impressionistic holographic image.

  • 6KJR


  • Curtis E Flush

    This is all from one book. I know cuz I used it when I got my first tattoo, which has what morphine looks like down towards the bottom of the piece. http://www.galleryoftattoosnow.com/TattooLousHOST

  • WaikikiWayne

    #12 Can you hook me up with the Green Eyebrow Chick?

  • Anonymous

    #6 Taken from a scene in Alien


    These are NOT 22 million X images! these are colorized scanning electron microscope images and they are actually very low magnification for an SEM.

  • DSB

    #10 Looks like he's saying "fuck you"

    • Ricco

      You're right!! Looks like he's saying " Fuck you Democrats " LOL

  • KayMan

    #14..needed that

  • http://blog.dirtyhotproductions.com/ waltgator

    #3 dust! is that guy looking like an evil simpsons character !?!?

  • Ricco

    #9 I once saw a hooker in EUROPE with that all over her Vagina, distracted me from her bad teeth.

    • zowie

      weird fetish . . . but if Cauliflower your thing, to each his own

  • Mike

    #8 Fuck mosquitos man! Fuck ’em!

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