A baby chimpanzee is adopted by a Mastiff dog — Amazing (25 Photos)

  • Lia

    That is one cool chimp.

  • Malcolm X


  • Fogarty

    #12 ummmmm….

  • b0wjanglez

    #7 #18
    Aw this was really cute. I love it.

  • Maytrix

    All fun and games until the chimp starts flinging its poo!

  • Anonymous

    These are pretty good photoshops, but they they are still all bullshit. #22 look at his foot. Apparently not everything on the internet is true.

  • jojobean

    I hate monkeys…especially chimps…wish they were all dead

  • Cultdevader

    #12, looks like the chimp has got a hold of something lol

    • cormacmc

      Cult, be careful! I was slammed with dislikes for saying the same thing. I think this post has brought out the sensitive side of chivers. We may only say Awww!, or that we are on cuteness overload.

      Awww! That is all.

  • Scott

    #13 "So, why don't I look like this… and why the hell am I wearing a diaper?"

  • YDB

    This is my favorite post of the day. I love it!!! And of course the dog would love it, he's getting so much love and attention. 🙂 Super!

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  • BongZilla

    That is one hairy kid.

  • http://matter.com Fkn Nick, Duh


    Put his face in a good spot.

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    Antelope Vs. Three Lions

    thats brilieant

  • Jala Meladuro

    Looks photoshopped!!!

  • Douche McFuckstain

    Andy Serkis sure is taking this Ceasar role serious.

  • Vinny

    God help you if that chimp starts throwing the mastiff's poop!

  • k


  • OG456

    Chimps are evil, and it will probably eat that poor dog one day.

  • Tom

    Good GOD!! Im not into cute shi*! BUT DAM THAT WAS CUTE/AWESOME!!!

  • sketchent

    #8 silly chimp, you are no dog

  • Carnoculus

    I hope anonymous’s parents get photoshopped in a car accident. It looks like the owner of these pics tried to take out the digital date/time stamp from the bottom.

  • Anonymous

    Someone tell jojobean he’s an idiot, chimps are NOT monkeys, they’re APES!!!

  • kt

    I don’t know…the pics do look kind of fake.

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