A full day’s worth of stupidity, all in one serving (27 photos)

  • monoxxide

    #12" i really didn't mind that her mouth had some stretch lines" taken form TWIZTID's green book

    • monoxxide

      and we all know that should be a joint or a blunt not a cigg'

  • Bob

    #15 I hate Beiber, why does he get to bone Selena. Unless she is actually his beard.

  • Sue Acide

    18 & 19. Goooooooooo blacks.

  • Chivoso

    #12… Hey, thanks for the close-up. I'm a thousand years old and I could not quite make out what was between the two people.

  • jake

    that car on the giant rims is fake. IN the real picture it is an 1980's full size car. Somebody photoshopped the mazda body onto the giant rims.

  • W74

    Next on 'When Hipsters Attack!'

  • phydor

    #13 love it

  • even nice guys have a douchey side

    #28 hilarious

  • PeteS

    #1 Not only happened in my town (Buffalo) but I actually drove through that toll while the people were still sitting in their cars! Funniest s**t I've ever seen.

  • whatthehell

    Maybe they were just shitty books.

  • Smitty

    #1 – CHIVE: *FIND* The Video Of This!

  • A.E. 1928

    #14 I loled so much! 😀

  • Anonymous


    Meanwhile in Russia…….

  • kyle

    #3 is most likely ROK special forces. They're allies of the US so don't worry.

  • Jules

    #23 what the actual fuck???

  • Daro

    #15 no, no, NOOOOOOOO !!!!

  • IamWhoIam

    #27 Zorak?

  • J cash

    #23 Rasputin lives!

  • Cleopawtra

    love # 5 I walk my cat all the time although he thinks he's a dog. He sits, begs, speaks, lays down and fetches on command just like a dog would. So walking a cat isn't stupid

  • Raani

    Am I the only one excited about #8

  • Tim

    18 is photo shopped the real car was built by a hack shop in San Antonio – embarrassed to be from same city 😦

  • Guest

    Ive seen #9 driving around in Phoenix. Its owned by a dentist that caters to children

  • Evan

    #3. The ultimate Badass. #23 – rapist.

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