• MikeOlmos

    Its amazing that 4 year-old kids paint crap and it sells for thousands and this guy is probably asking $10-$15 for his.

  • Brian

    This is beautiful. The whole time he is doing it I have no idea what it is until it’s done and I’m just stunned. It’s looks fucking awesome.

  • Claude M.

    Fast does not equal good – and these are crap.

    • Evan

      Your mom is fast, and very good.

      • Anonymous

        Claude’s mom is fast and sloppy. F*?$ that puta

    • Anonymous

      Claude is sour because his life is sorry, sad and lacks any substance. Go drink yourself stupid….loser

  • Me of Course

    Happy little trees….

  • Joey


  • Bobby

    WOW.. i know how he does it… good crank!..or coke!

  • etcrr

    wow his good and very fast, pretty amazing


    11 Years Of Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra


    u will like it

  • Jeff

    Neat but this guy obviously skipped Painting 101; the reason hardly anybody finger paints with oils is that most pigments in oil paint are heavy metals: cadmium, cobalt, lead, etc. that are extremely cancerous if absorbed into your skin. And it looks like Cobalt Blue is his favorite color. The thinners he would need to clean his hands are pretty toxic as well.

  • Lefty8

    I can't even trace that good…

  • Work is Daily

    I want to buy one and support this guy! How chive how do I get my hands on one of these fuckin masterpieces!!???!!

  • Tom

    you should see this guy roll a joint

  • clearly not smart

    You, Sir. Deserve your dreadlocks. I'll take 10. Wonderful.

  • Nabeelito

    thats awesome!?! skills that kills!?!

  • rod

    His name is Marko….and he is from Tropoja…

    • nabeelito

      lol.. nice 1..

  • cwk

    he put a bird on it.

  • fibonacci

    This guy is in México. There is a poster saying "Exclusivos y artísticos" "solo en 3 minutos".= Exclusive and handcrafted, just in 3 minutes. 🙂

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001082644224 Andy Drake

    Amazing. True talent.

  • Ajax

    More than likely he’s using cheaper less toxic paint. Most paints that are not labeled “artist quality” oil paint use synthetic pigments and not the heavy metals you’re talking about like cadmium, colbalt or lead. Hint :whenever a paint name has the word “Hue” in it it means the paint doesn’t contain the true pigment of its namesake. Also, there are some products that act like oil paint but are water based. I hope this dude knows the difference!

  • Jay

    I can't even draw believable stick figures.

  • Willi

    where the fuck do I buy this shit

  • drunk

    I can sssmelll hisss dirty hair goodnesssss

  • Chace

    I lived in Malaga, Spain a few years back and this guy regularly painted In the street Calle Larios. He sold is paintings in threes for way cheap. He is really good for how fast he paints and just using his fingers.

  • Anonymous

    This guy has got skills!

  • http://Chive Hector

    Claude and jeff aint shit, this freaking guy rules.

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