Daily Afternoon Randomness (48 Photos)

  • Romy

    “The main idea is to make sure that the strongest black men and women rise to the top, as they should”
    – James Patterson’s Along Came A Spider

  • Theresa

    "In her lunch sack was a hardboiled egg still in its shell, a tuna fish sandwich, and some celery sticks."
    I am at a loss. Any ideas?

  • dcolbert

    #39 watched it multiple times, feeling guilty, but giggling every time.

  • Dustin M

    #31 So I'm in class and I pick up my student handbook for the Institute of Art and flip to 45. AND I QUOTE!

    "It is also recommended that victim call the Rape Crisis Hotline at (847)-806-6526. "

  • Justincase

    #31 "I had no measure of time; day and night were alike in that ill-smelling cavern of the ship's bowels where I lay; and the misery of my situation drew out the hours to double."
    – Robert Louis Stevenson, Kidnapped.
    Well, I'm screwed for 2012

  • Guest

    #31 – "Charity Fun Dog Show" – My missus is not going to be pleased.

  • junior

    #29 WAR DAM EAGLE!!!!

  • rooster

    #44 zomg pocahontas!!
    #31 if the chapter title counts: theoretical dimensions and perspectives of abnormal behavior
    if it doesn't: corpus callosum is a hard band of white fibers connecting the two cerebral hemispheres


  • Dickle

    #31 is ….Botanists believe both have been growing in the Black Hills for more than 200 years, but no one knows for sure how they arrived and came to thrive here.

  • http://dbdesignco.com bisketz

    #47 #48 THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

    You made my shitty day so much better!

  • mentos_killa

    You cannot put mentos in an ice cube and have the reaction happen. I needs the craters on the outside to create the bubbling. Sorry, try again.

  • Victoria

    #31 "One of the trickiest things to learn in no limit is how to size your bets correctly."

  • krussader

    It has been very popular worldwide, but has poor agronomic characteristics and generates low yields.

    Even with this result, I do not regret owning The Oxford Companion To Beer.

  • Rosie


    "You look like you just stepped out of an Austen movie."

    Since it involves Jane Austen, I'm going to assume it means no sex. Boo.

  • Jess


    "We have our own professional reasons for needing total TV at all times, and especially on weekends for games. But the cable company said NO."

    From Hunter S. Thompson's "Generation of Swine." This does not bode well.

  • Keith_D

    #38- Fine, I'll take her, you whiny bastard.
    #44- There aren't enough "moar"s in the world for this girl, but I might as well say it once…


  • Tim

    #31–Dean Koontz’s Frankenstein ” Michael said ‘What was THAT? It almost seemed like genuine concern for the public. ‘” hmmm lmao

  • Barrett

    I'm at a hotel room and I did number 31 and checked what was on page 45 of the bible the first verse was about going unto a woman and bearing a child name Er…Fuck?!

  • C-Mo

    #31 A knife isn't as good as an axe in the backcountry.

  • pandadomokun

    #4 omg how i miss circus charlie

  • Duvel

    #45 YOINK

  • TickNhomas


    “change from singular to plural. As you do the exercise, review the meaning for yourself.”

    ..i think this means AWESOME!

  • KyleThePyro


  • Sober


    Similar noses and mouth, same face shape, same hairline. Looks like brother and sister to me.

  • JaxGirl

    #31 Mine was "It's a hobby" lol

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