I hate my job (28 Photos)

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  • Eagleheart

    lol #18 took me a minute

  • Jim bob

    #28, are you new? It’s not hard to put a car up on a lift… I do this at work every day only I’m working on $600,000 dollar cars. What a nube!!!

    • Anonymous

      Everyone that down voted this is obviously ignorant of how easy this task is, similar to wiping your ass. As to the $600,000 figure, I am extremely skeptical, especially with a name like Jim Bob.

    • blah

      600,000 dollar cars?….wow you deserve a cookie……..douchebag

  • Underhill

    #10 and #26 are border line terrorism. Maybe over the border. F'n Lovit!

  • Anonymous

    Du.. Du hast… Du hast mich…Du hast mich job

  • neoconfection


    "This is worse than they time a raccoon got stuck in the copier!"

  • eo2

    #7 I wanna puck

  • 'berto

    #18 ftmfw!

  • flibble

    #18 me too!

  • Franklin1138

    #6 Your boss is CLEARLY missing out.

    #28 Ha ha. That's awesome.

  • tinypocket

    18 stumped me.

  • stankypete

    18? im dumb as a rock so i cant think of what the band is..help please?

    • Carlis

      Ram chip in a stein. Ram + stein = german industrial band rammstein

  • nick

    #27 I work on those lifts. How the hell did you do that. Where are the front arms. Job well done #27 you keep me busy

  • Chippy

    "Daddy told me to pull up on the reins while he gave a listen"….

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