I miss college….(52 Photos)

  • wisemx

    @Bob Agree 😉

  • Rusty

    #19 I love your smile, you can come play in the snow with me anytime.

  • starfighter83

    Goodbye to the Texas Aggies
    Hello to the basement of the SEC!
    You'll never win another conference game,
    Not even against Kentucky!

    • Billy

      SEC ya 27-24

      • creampuff schedule

        whaddayou mean there's always Georgia

    • Dyon

      What a dipshit posts to make. I mean really, hot girl with a beer snowman and all you got is some shit about the SEC.

      Then again, look at your tag……starfighter, LMAO@U!!!

  • The devil

    #51 That's the dumbest thing I've seen. You're supposed to be taped to the bottle

    • KSinz

      Thank you! Not to mention, you need to have one taped to EACH hand and they need to be open. Thats the game seeing if you can down both before you have to piss and cant get you hand free. Or at least thats how we always played.

      Kids these days, just a disappointment

      • cr1min4l


  • Afghanistan2011

    #45 Now that is a body built for sex!

  • flibble

    have to find my old uni photos from 10 years ago. fuck I feel old.

  • passwordistaco

    L.I.T. in Ireland? Poor bastard never had a chance.

  • orangewhip

    #3 blue #52 the ass

  • chicago

    #35 – I like you. total cuteness.
    #45 – please stay fit like this forever ~ !

  • Anonymous

    #51 only taping a 40 to one hand is lame. its Edward 40 hands. hands is plural for a reason. These douches r skirts. although i suppose they didn’t want to skip they’re nightly annual circle jerk. It all makes sense now. regardless dunno y chive would post such a lame pic.

  • Second2II

    #38 , check basket, … check , … I'll pay with Visa please…

  • itstrip
  • TheDog59

    #26 At least they're in the kitchen
    #35 It's to your left

  • Anonymous

    #46 Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater FTW!! Ha! Awesome!!

  • Anonymous

    #32 and #45, moar please

  • misanthropetb

    My options: (as perceived by me at the time)
    1) Go to college for 2 years to be come an optician, take loans, go in debt, have to deal with school work.
    2) Do an apprentice ship for 2 years to become an optician, make money, not have to deal with school work.

    Thinking it's a no brainer, I chose option 2.

    Conclusion: I'm a fucking idiot.

  • Cowboy

    #11 silly hipster

  • yep

    #14 the one on the left.

  • Jef

    #37 aha, more chivers from VUB Brussels 😀 , nice. we should send in more college-pics.

  • farmy75

    Bob, I agree, these photo's take me back about 5 years ago, I really enjoy the one yall find/submit from the college in the 70's/80's/ 90's.

    The more things change, the more they stay the same.

  • daveh873

    Around the bowl, down the hole…

  • TheMan

    #44 PARENT FAIL!!! Is that a kid in the lower right corner???

  • Oddie Monsta


  • keen_owl

    Da fuck is this? #21

    Da fuck is that!? #25

    • MariJane03

      #25 Is oddly cool

  • http://echogeo.wordpress.com/ echogeo

    Now that is a Georgia Peach!

    • greg

      Go Dawgs!

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