Shooting a WWII tank scene for the Russian movie "Life and Fate" (50 Photos)


  • etcrr

    Must have had a lot of fun trying to film this in sub zero weather. the T-34's look pretty good though

  • @alicesmith8719

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  • wisemx

    #31 Oh skikies Captain! Rounds don't fit into cold chambers!

  • Franklin1138

    I love WW2 history and tanks and all that, but WHO is #40? I was not expecting to see her in the lineup, and when I did it was like my finger froze and wouldn't let me scroll past. Definitely need to find her.

  • fasterthanu

    F*cking love this tank, by far my favorite tank of any conflict or year.

  • Chris Brosnahan

    This has to be a VERY LATE war scene…those are the 85mm main guns with the larger, rounded turret…the original T34s had a 76mm Main gun mounted and a turret with squared off edges…still better than watching "Patton" with the M48s painted in desert yellow sporting German insignia, and being passed off as Panzer IIIs an IVs.

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