The fastest things in the world (23 Photos)

  • Incredinick

    #16 made me laugh for a solid 40 seconds

  • time4taco

    #15 look to the left… is that eric from tim and eric??

  • SlackerX

    #20 You spelled "FATTEST" wrong !


    New Seven Wonders Of Nature

    thats awesome

  • Anonymous

    What about all the white sprinters? How come they are not here. Or the white pitchers or white jamaican bobsledders? C’mon chive!

  • LaLuna5023

    Dude, tuck it back. Would some tighty whiteys slow you down that much?

  • Danny

    #14 isn't Asian. Mind Blown.

  • Scott

    Am i the only one that didn't care about KM/Hr and went straight to MPH?

  • Andy

    For #22 the density of air is much less at high altitude. The thinner air leads to less drag and more velocity, allowing him to easily surpass the terminal velocity of sky divers. Still takes huge balls to strap on essentially a space suit and jump! They probably had no idea what would happen to him…the engineers in the 60s probably said, "meh, you probably won't burn up in atmosphere…"


    #20 I think ya meant the fattest

  • waltgator

    #22 this guy is awesome!

  • wade

    usain bolt's world record is faster than 9.72 seconds. kinda makes them lose credibility for the rest of the post imo. His record is actually 9.58 seconds.

  • angelcurry1077

    #1 is so happy to win! Lol

  • Fapmaster

    I never thought that Kloe dude was that good looking anyway #20

  • @k1shi

    Jamaica represent! and CHIVE ON!


    You missed the Ethiopian chicken and the white woman who’s car broke down in Harlem !!

  • Andhra Gossips

    Excellent collection and I think in cricket the Bolwers are also bowls so faster like this…
    But i cannt believe the speed of the monkey..but good collection and great


    #22 the sound barrier is 763mph, no one has broken it skydiving to date… Red Bull is in the works to break it…

  • jaycen

    fastest land-animal: a chicken in ethiopia.

  • Sexy Asian Guys

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