You’ve heard of ice sculptures, but have you ever heard of an ice city? ( 32 Photos)

Via odditycentral and smh

  • etcrr

    A lot of work went into them. Nice lookin

    • Underbaker

      Hard to see the details on small pictures, this would have been a good candidate for HQ. Other then that, very nice.

  • Paula_


    – OMFG will they ever learn…

  • optimus_lopez

    Why does it have a Disney theme?

  • Mad Hittman

    Icy what they did here…

  • Ricco

    Is that what they do when they're not sleeping in the library?

  • MattKL

    That's fucking impressive. Mind blown!

  • MigraineBoy

    #7 Why the Chinese always be copying Disney?

  • Katie

    So let me get this straight, to stay warm they play with ice? A LOT of ice?

    That being said, very impressive!

  • Rusty

    #24 I bet ice steps are a mother fucker to walk up.

  • Coltrane

    These shots remind me of Gaspar Noe's "Enter The Void". Brilliant.

  • R2_Pinky

    #6 wow, that's pretty incredible!

  • lynds

    How r they walking on the ice with out falling?

  • Sue Acide

    Who the fuck pays for all of this. Gooooooo communism

  • Tom

    Holy awesome! Bravo, people!

  • manchakattack

    If this were a want vs. need post
    this would be need.

  • Smackfiend

    I've never been colder than when I lived in Harbin…30 minutes of hot water a day!

  • Hamm3r

    Well, this is a cool place.

  • Musabi

    It's funny that you think 'really cold' is -20 degrees C. Come to Northern Ontario in February!


    Hollywood’s Big Little Actors

    wow holy wd have the awesome biggest thumbs

  • @ChristosMo

    What's cooler than cool? Harbin, China!!!

  • LaLuna5023

    Mariokart anyone? Rainbow road!

  • Kanga

    That is really cool, but 20 below zero in Celsius is not really that cold. But to be fair I am from Canada, where -40 is cold!

  • andy k

    very nice

  • Gordana-Doda Stetin

    TheBERRY!Can I eat it?!Entire place of ICE CREAM …this is awesome!

  • Rio White

    Wow! That's a quite huge wonderland made of ice. It's like living on a dream with all those sparkling colors and full of fun activities. I wonder if the creator of this concept could also make wedding ice sculptures for a winter wedding? My sister is looking for a unique wedding experience.

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