Daily Afternoon Randomness (49 Photos)

  • LarsfromNorway

    #24 holy enfrijoladas! I would love to take her out for some fancy tacos at my local Mexican Place

  • Da Sandman

    #2 i don't get why people recently started filming themselves doing some random shit…

  • NYR144

    #49 that’s what make you the perfect Chivette. Your proud of what you have and don’t have and to be honest I love it all. You are with out a doubt a true Chivette. You rule honey

  • reaperACTUAL

    #5 #24 if ever there were two ladies to find MOAR!!!!!!!!!! of its these two! Ho. Lee. Sheet.:o

  • Bob

    #24…More of her please, we would all really appreciate it. Thanks.
    #25…Keep this shit off of the chive, this isn't a 13 year old girl's blog.


    #37 Not one fuck was given that day!

  • Master_Rahl

    #16 "And Lardass just sat back and enjoyed what he'd created. A complete and total barf-o-rama!"

  • joe

    i think i just fell in love with #24

  • Anonymous

    # 45 there ur black post

  • SMK

    #49 what flaws? I see perfection!

  • Mooque

    A lot more of her, please and thank you!

  • RandallPink

    #49 I see no flaws, perfect!

  • Clay

    #24 the most amazing chivette to ever be posted/associated with or around this site…NBD.

  • Hairy Assnipple

    At first I thought; "I would love to ride #4 more than anything", and then I saw #5.

  • phil

    #24 love the look of 80s glasses and stretched ears! good work

  • DBaird

    #24 is beautiful, nice to see a cute nerdy girls standing proud.

  • Carbon

    #49 is honestly gorgeous

  • Prezz


    Wow wish I could take you out sometime….

  • monoxxide

    #44 thats nice #49 you are a normal woman no flaws

  • big red

    #5 oh yeah! #6 Yee haa! #24 you are a sweet heart!

  • Anonymous

    45 is magical I don’t know what goes on I just know my life would be better with it.


    #19: No. Reflected light is like Sun Screen so they would get get tanned.

  • Calvin

    #49 If this picture is flawed…..I give up. #Farfromregular

  • geha

    #8, “Make me a sandwich bitch”, poof!! There she is.

  • Killian Joyner

    Wow! @ # 5… really… w-o-w

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