I see what you did there (27 photos)

  • Matt Randall

    16 looks like Elijah Wood.

  • Jay

    Thank u #27

  • Dalton

    the hypno toAD has you

  • Mr. E

    Oh Katy my Katy

  • Kroc

    where is #8 from?

    • cormacmc

      It's over by the quarry, right next to the big crane.

      • Kroc

        oh, really!?

        • cormacmc

          Thanks Kroc, it's good to see others know it's just fun.

          • Kroc

            they see u trollin…

    • Disciple

      Haha, actually it's somewhere in Switzerland. The three mountains we see are the Jungfrau Eiger and Mönch.

    • gonzo


    • Kroc


  • Breynolds0116

    #27 what is that photo cover thing called? There are tons of photos to do that to!?

    • James

      It's called "bubbling"

  • Gellin

    #27 worse censor ever

    • sdago25

      What kind of sorcery is this?

      • Gellin

        pure evil

      • The_Dood

        It's called bubbling and it makes clothed people appear nude by covering up their clothes with bubbles. The uncensored version would include her clothes. I would be willing to wager that the censored version is much more enjoyable than the uncensored version.

    • Sorry

      **Sirens** Grammar Police…. The word you were thinking of was 'Worst'.

      • the other OTHER Jen

        im a chick and i wanna be underneath her in this gif.

        • Above AVERAGE

          I'm a guy and I wanna be underneath you underneath her in this gif

  • http://thechive.com/ bkfrijoles

    #12 Like a Boss

  • http://chive.com lamhchops

    #21 Wtf!?

  • rikooprate

    #27 WOW! Just wow… Russell Brand is a f*cking fool!

  • The J

    #9 How will rubbing this get me oreo cookies and a glass of milk?

  • The J

    #21 Card tricks are stupid. This one is like Spam, get enough people to look at it, it might fool someone.

  • shtsquid

    #21 no it didn't…what the hell….i want my money back

  • TheAutomaticMan

    #21 made me lol hahaha

  • Ryan Hazen

    #21 cards on bottom are different suites them ones on top

  • Ziltoid
  • Theeffinjeff

    #21 – trick is…all the cards are different

  • Kdogg

    I must be the only dummie 21 worked for me actually took the corner card thats the one i had pickedthe corner card suite didnt matter.. Me so stupid?

  • Mark

    I don't understand the big deal with Katy Perry, she is average at best!

    • Marcus

      Please leave via the nearest door, and leave your man card by the table.

      • kodakkid

        you sir are assuming he had a man card in the first place.

  • Rick

    #21 "That Dog is SATAN!!!"

  • bunedoggle

    #7 RIAA wants a word with you.

  • http://blog.dirtyhotproductions.com/ waltgator

    #27 we wish that were true

  • There ya Go
  • Steve

    Glad #27 was last b/c I couldn't go any further, WOW.

  • Zach D.

    #27 Damn bubbles!

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