More animals I just can’t hate (40 Photos)

  • Perry Mason

    #34 "Cool story bro…"

  • Kate

    #25 = amazing! could not stop laughing. they hate being dressed up..but he (or she) looks so smooth. Nice work.

  • RGT1026

    #11, Planking, ur doing it wrong.

  • arn360

    #1 Dobby wants a leg, not a sock, master harry.

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  • bodykarmabella

    Ahhh hahaha I was GOING to identify certain photos, but realized that I just adore animals far too much to pinpoint any of these. As much as I love people, I love animals just as much if not a tiny bit more. Their personalities are made all the more piercing by their inability to speak. Those facial expressions! LOVE.

  • caait.e

    #25 you new mascot

    • caait.e

      your* (palmface)

  • bless1

    #34- u mad?

  • Kimmy

    My dog would tip the cat right out of there!

  • ViewtifulJesse

    # 35.
    Whoever did this one's an idiot. "Hey, my cat's fighting a 'gator…WHERE'S MY CAMERA?!?!"

  • AllanA

    #3 "WTF was that noise ?!?"

  • lfsg

    #29 pussy balls

  • Perry Mason

    #3 " 'Ohana' means 'Family.' "

  • Anonymous

    Not one minority animal….

  • PFC88

    Fuck yeah! Cocaine!

  • The Real World

    Dobby loves when Harry Potter cooks on the grill.

  • penguin slayer

    play with me or i destroy this thing! #6

  • Evan

    #1 Dobby!

  • lindsay1988

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  • greg

    #39 damn asians.

  • b0wjanglez

    I love these animal posts. #31 Is really cute.

  • Anonymous

    34 is so cool

  • Rick

    #1 looks like the little elf or fairy from Harry Potter

  • Rick

    #38 "hold on I gotta take this"

  • BMerce33

    Why do I feel like I could get sound portfolio investment advice from #34?

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