Muppets take over some of your favorite movies (17 Photos)

This gallery via Somethingawful


  • BRapper

    Haha that fear and loathing is awesome

  • Joey

    #5 Is awsome!

  • Dave

    haha i love this post – #13 is hilarious

  • Anonymous

    #10. Good one on the duke brothers.

  • Algonquin Jones

    #1 is the best one here.

  • RudeBoyStL

    #10 I always felt the duke brothers WERE waldorf and statler. And vice versa

  • newscot

    Your friend's mother sucked my cock last night.

  • Everyone Here

    you must be crying right now, huh? your lameass generic comments for thumbs campaign having been exposed, now every single one of your dumbass comments are negative. after all, isn't that why you switched names and identity, to have a positive rating? you're fucking pathetic, your comments are getting on everyone's nerves, so stop being a douchebag and just enjoy the site without littering this section with your ignorance.

  • The_Dood

    They aren't necessarily trolls. When you post things like this you're just asking for it, which I'm pretty sure is your intention here. But I'm sorry I have to agree with the "trolls" that many of your posts are about as exciting as "#whatever is a picture of something". If you're going to comment, tell us something interesting that we don't already know. Otherwise your comment is entirely unnecessary.

    • seek help

      you sound like a salty 3rd grader. it's unanimous that your comments are unwanted here, so do everyone the courtesy of keeping your lame thoughts to yourself. secondly, if you had ever gone to college, you'd know that classes start at the end of January.

      we don't expect you to stop commenting, but we sure do sincerely hope so. i like funny, innovative thoughts, not your fucking complete and utter bullshit. stop ruining this for everyone, if you want points that badly, comment after the first page and you won't be bothered

  • Jensdaddy

    No Bert and Ernie for Brokeback Mountain….or too easy?

  • greg

    stupid and horribly shopped

    • Hairy Assnipple

      Really?! What tipped you off that they were shopped?

  • iamWhoIam

    would love to see some of these for real

  • arn360

    #10 trading places – well done, I lol’ed.
    #17 yoda us already a Muppet, would have been funnier to have kept him in there.

  • Sleep_Salone

    Sorry, Stan/Roadie/Bill57/etcrr. You may want to start over.

  • anonymous

    huzzah for #4!!!!!!!!!!!

  • waltgator

    #13 bwhahahah! thats awesome!

  • Fapmaster

    take it back,it's not right #17

  • fred

    that's both creative and funny

  • Ryan

    #17 thumbs Up
    didn't Frank Oz do the voice for both Kermit the Frog and Yoda

    • George

      Jim Henson did Kermit. Frank Oz did Yoda and Fozzie Bear among many others.

  • Qui Que

    # 10 has no muppets in it I don’t get it??

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  • Paldrao

    Yawwwwwwwn….getting paid to do this crap?

  • Gonzo

    Can we get these in HQ?

  • Luhlkatz

    what movie is depicted in the first picture

    • Hairy Assnipple

      "Reservoir Dogs" Watch. That. Movie.

  • crazydog

    #14 bitch was wrong; he is an animal after all!!!

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