Sometimes a woman’s abs are like magic (41 Photos)

  • Rohit

    Maybe, but why spend money on a book?The only thing that will give you abs is keeping your body fat pgcnertaee (BFP) below 11%. You can do a thousand crunches a day, but if you’ve got a BFP of 15% you’ll have laundry on that washboard. The actual pgcnertaee differs for each person (we all store fat differently).Do about half an hour of cardio every day, and a few anaerobic lifts to increase overall calorie expenditure.

  • exercises to burn stomach fat

    Are You Familiar with a Common Consensus about Seven Foods That Will Kill Your Abdominal Fat? Men and Women, Listen to Some Bottom-Line Facts toward Surprising and Odd Foods That You Should Eat for Fighting Fat.

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  • FuvisxD

    #8 #9 FTW #36 and Moar #39 and #41 kCCo!

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    8, 11 and ohh yea 26!

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