Sometimes a woman’s abs are like magic (41 Photos)

  • monoxxide

    #2 is by far the best to me

  • thekujo

    #37 YES PLEASE!!

  • Love the Line

    The most amazing feature a girls body can have? The line the runs up from her belly button to the bottom of her sternum. Classic example #18 ABSolutely stunning!

  • Maximiliaanvdv

    #10 Oh my…MOAR!!

  • Gymfreak

    I went to high school with #26 and now lift at the same gym as her lol

  • Anonymous

    Number 8 WOW!! So HOT.

  • corndoggie

    #38, Nice Bush

  • stephen

    No18 and no 26 are the best!

  • Marcis

    #10 #11 #33 #40 #41 sweet abs of fire! MOAR

  • deadlfter

    Do any of these girls workout? Squat? Deadlift? Xfit? No I didnt think so. I'd take a chick who gets under a squat bar any day of the week over these anorexic disgustingly skinny ho's. They dont even have real abs. They just arent eating.

  • Cory Colvin

    Nothing beats a tight stomach! I'll go Mormon and take all 41 of them!!!

  • Timmah

    #41 has my vote. It's probably the side boob that did it for me! I saw a couple that I personally don't think should've been on here but most have of them have rocking bodies! Thanks Chive!

  • Katie

    #26 is making me a little wet 🙂

    For more gorgeous girls visit xxxx

  • @Beechlander

    Who is #2?

  • King

    2 and 18 makes me mad

  • Mike


  • ricky

    #39, Moar of her maybe a name?

  • gtommy

    stopped scrolling at #10 opened a new tab to comment.

  • Jimmy

    I need to hit the gym

  • Cat

    Well…..looks like I should stop eating and start working out now. I think this post has made me mildly lesbian. 😀

  • etcrr

    #3 #8 #15 are very acceptable hot and sexy. I'm etcrr and I approve this message

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