• Caicco

    That is great!!

  • Boots

    meh, its been done

    • Mattydg

      I'm not gonna follow that link, I'm just going to assume it's Paulo di Canio!

    • Nicnac

      You saw it happen once in history so it makes this act of sportsmanship invalid? We should apply that to everything: bravery, cowardice, brilliance in the moment, etc.

    • Scott

      Not everyone can sit on the internet all day and watch random soccer videos on youtube. I am so glad that you could take time out of your soccer youtube session to post on theCHIVE and let us know that someone else has done this in the past.

      Forever grateful

  • myself

    Classy move.

  • Yo Yo Ma

    You're injured? Sorry, this isn't a scrapbooking club. Take the shot!

  • Just Me

    A true gentlemen.

  • CaptainStag

    What's funny is I remember seeing this sort of gesture fairly often when I was a kid. Not so much these days :-/

  • BrozaySwag

    You gotta finish that.

  • Kev the Scot

    Paolo Di Canio did something similar when he played for Sheffield Wednesday. He won a UEFA fair play award for it. That was really awesome.

  • cheynecg

    So by pointing at someone you get an award for sportsmanship?…Kim Jong Il must of had several. HAD

    • ShamWow

      Yes, yes it doe. No one can come on the field to help and injured player until the play has stopped, unless the ref thinks you have a serious head injury. Amin had the right to continue playing and go for a goal (that would have counted) but instead he kicked it out so that the keeper could get medical attention. Massive respect to Amin.

  • Anonymous

    ha! that’s the rival on disguise, u can tell by the way he care more for the goalkeeper than for his own teammate who is suffering from reverse knee on the back

  • Darth Yogurt

    I'm dumbfounded. Soccer is a televised sport?

    • dumbfounded

      well I once heard that there's something called "the rest of the world" that lies just outside america. I don't know, it might be just a rumor. you should look into it and maybe realize that it's called "the world's sport"

  • Prangsta

    That was good guy Steve for sure! Adda boy Stevey!

  • Honest


  • MylesofStyles

    I'm Arabic and it's so nice to be able to show the kind and fair side of my people in a time where we are slandered so much throughout the western world. Thank you Chive.

    Editor's Note: I'm not Arabic, I'm just fucking with you.

    • Kobra

      Editor's Note: Neither is that, it's Farsi.

      • MylesofStyles

        Editor's Note: I think you're mistaking me for someone who gives a fuck.

  • Marcus

    Yeah that would never happen in the English Premier League.

    • ventertron

      errrr…it already has.

  • Guest

    Scoring would have stopped play as well.

  • BLowe

    I would have ripped it, sorry 'bout it

  • Drewski

    If this was the World Cup the guy would have scored regardless

  • ipena

    Hahaha. You guys. He was just being smart. He had three guys in front of him. He lost his chance and did the second best thing to get the ball back.

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  • eggnog

    I don't understand why everyone was crowded around the goalie checking on him while completely ignoring the player the goalie took out? Granted I don't know much about soccer (or football or futbol) but it seems you would have some concern for your own team mate if he was the guy taken out and not the guy who took him out?

    • Jhoratio

      Ignore your teammate = win an award. This is why I am proud to be an American who thinks soccer sucks.

    • ShamWow

      The keeper got the worst of the challenge and was keeled over in the fetal position, the striker was down but moving. Triage mother fu*ker.

  • Jhoratio

    Sorry, this isn't fair play, stupid play. The goalie made a horrible, dangerous play that resulted in his being taken out of the action – the price for that stupidity is that a goal gets scored. What nonsense. Further proof that soccer isn't about winning the game, its about aimlessly kicking the ball around for 90 minutes then on to real game (penalty shots).

    Think about this: if the goalie dove the wrong way early on a penalty shot and knocked himself unconscious on the ground, would the player decline to finish his kick and score?

  • IPL

    Iran Premier League!

  • Anonymous

    Seriously? Man up and take the shot. Another reason why soccer sucks!!

  • JoLo

    Not to sound like a dick, but this isn't some kid's soccer match, this is professional soccer, take the fucking goal. Fair play has its place in sports, but this isn't something that should be celebrated, if I was on his team, I wouldn't be happy. The guy wasn't dying, he got hit in the arm/ribs.

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