• Bill G

    A Man of Honor

  • Fizzel

    good on him

  • Oz Designs

    nobody even cared about the other dude in pain on the floor. jajajajajaj its funny cause its sad.

  • Cody

    are injuries not part of the game? I say score then go console the poor bastard. If the dude is seriously seriously injured the ref can stop the game. Its not sportsmanship to not score because someone got hurt. That is sport.

  • apprentices pillar


  • The kid

    I’m Kinda on the fence with this one… In hockey when a penalty takes one man out of the game does/ should/ will/ the other team skate in circles and not shoot the puck till all forces are back in position… I understand there out of play for different reasons.

  • scruffy21

    He didn't shoot as he'd one defender closing him down and another back on the line,so wouldn't have gotten a decent shot

  • thechevron

    This would never happen in an old firm.

  • Busternut

    If you watch the English Premier League, you will see that happen all the time. Although I wouldn't say many players would not take advantage of that situation. Generally it happens when the ball is midfield. A player will kick the ball into touch to allow the physio onto the field to administer treatment.

  • Durrrr

    It’s soccer, first assumption should be that he’s faking

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  • Blah3144

    This is in Iran too.

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  • Jim bob

    /\/\/\ if thats fake then I’m the fucking president of the united states.

  • boob

    if he had just scored the goal, play would stop anyway…

  • Tinynel

    Maybe he didn’t shoot the ball because the guy on his team that collided with the goalie would’ve been offsides…I hate soccer, I’m just sayin’

  • http://www.youdrift.net sharkerio

    keeper got ROCKED!

  • Anonymous

    Fuck it I woulda scored

  • Durrr

    For those who have never played much soccer this happens quite a bit. Check your next match, it will happen there.

  • ShamWow

    Great to see his own team congratulating him as well, great stuff Amin.

  • SirDinlyDan

    The yellow player on the ground, though in an offside position was not interfering with play (obviously, as he was writhing on the ground). Had the player with the ball shot and scored the goal would have counted and offside would not have been called.

  • Simon

    Are U kiddin me , guy made a pass ..wanted to score .. when he saw that the pass SUCKED big time, he raised his hand like he wanted to help the injured guy…. Whata FAKE!!!! FAKE FAKE FAKE

  • amplidudes

    THIS should be nothing special.

  • http://drumusicloudsounds.tumblr.com/ drummer113

    Hope they're back on the pitch ASAP.

  • pandadomokun

    faith in humanity restored

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