• tassen

    faith in humanity restored.

  • Danny

    No one gave a shit about the other guy hurt…

  • legion

    Everyone is crowded around the goalie and nobody is paying attention to the other player. Nice.

  • http://www.lajkam.com Lajkam.com

    Well, there's no money there, doesn't count.

  • epicuriouseric

    That happens a lot in soccer. Def one thing that game has got going for it.

  • kyle bryant

    Thats not sportsmanship, that fucking stupid. i would never do that because it is stupid not to take the free goal. Sportsmanship is having class while winning. its not rubing it in his after you school, its about scoirng and being respectful. but you have to win

  • ggueho

    True sport, unlike Lombardi's doctrine of winning is everything.

  • Essi

    Only in Iran

  • abbedm

    Is that good Guy Greg?

  • Nima

    That's In IRAN baby… Commentators were speaking highly of his sportsmanship for waiting to play his skills when the goalie is ready.

  • Someone

    true fairplay , but dont do it against barca if u know what i mean

  • even nice guys have a douchey side

    I wouldn’t stop running for the endzone if the safety was hurt
    Hats off to this guy

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