Celebrities should not be allowed to name their children (29 Photos)

  • anyn

    Parents should have to pass an IQ test to even have kids let alone name them! the poor poor children. At least they can change their names legally at the age of 18

  • http://twitter.com/_staceywithane_ @_staceywithane_

    lmfao! people are ridiculous -_-

  • etcrr

    #27 Daughter looks like she thinks damn I can't believe you named me that

    • your name sucks

      yeah, b/c she spends every waking moment of every day resenting her father for her name. fuck off.

  • etcrr

    Where's Frank Furter

    • your joke's lame

      falls flat on face

  • Joe

    As a Braves fan I find no problem with #17

  • Browneyedgrl

    To pull a name like fifi trixibell of you better be a hot ass chick….so yeah thats name is not workin for her.

  • lozza

    #8 Australian actress names her son after a legendary Australian poet. How is that weird?

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