Classic black and white photos get the color treatment (18 Photos)

These photos via imgur. WARNING: a few photos have graphic content.


  • Goblin

    I thought #13 was Tobey Maguire

    • Noegod

      No way #13 looks more like jake gilenhol…(not sure how to spell his name) the guy from donnie darko and broke back mountain.

      • Blake

        Same person

    • dbolusaf

      i'de hit it

      • guesto

        I'd hide it

  • Just_some_guy

    If they had been able to colorize this well when I was a kid I might not have thought Ted Turner was such an asshole.

    No wait–he'd still be a total asshole.

    • Asshole Aplenty

      Ding, Ding, Ding… You Sir won the prize for truth

  • @freedman_matt

    Thich Quang Duc… really needs his name adding.

  • n00b

    Whats the graphic content?

    • Just_some_guy

      Ummm…did you not see the picture of the monk who set himself on fire? Just because it's not titties doesn't mean it isn't graphic, my friend.

  • Iceman2509

    #8 What an asshole. Really, Che?

    • Marcus

      Hey, they gotta appease all the college students with che poster on their wall without actually knowing a single fact about che except for the fact he had facial hair and a hat

    • mindnumbrobot

      asesino sediento de la sangre

    • http://what james

      Che Guevara was a mass murderer …. and there are ignorant a**holes who glorify him like he was a hero. I wonder if these same said a**holes would walk around in public wearing a t shirt with Hitler’s face across their chests.

      • Grappling

        LOL @ che guevara being put in the same category as Hitler. Fail maths, politics and history all in one go

        • William Thomas

          You are right, Hitler didn't personally pull the trigger and kill innocent people while douChe did!

  • Aussiechiver

    Anne Frank is going to be hot.
    oh wait…

    • Asshole Aplenty

      That's ok you are upsidedown it is tough to think and remember that way. We still love you guys not to worry. Chive On!

  • @mkingscott

    Hitchcock actually looks less… menacing in colour :-s

  • Just_some_guy

    If they had been able to colorize this well when I was a kid I might not have thought Ted Turner was such an asshole.

    • Just_some_guy

      Sorry about posting this twice. Total accident.

  • Ethan Shuster

    I always find that when you see color footage of Hitler, he suddenly becomes much scarier. He's not just some old timey black and white historical figure.

    • Franklin1138

      I totally agree. If you've never seen the movie "Downfall," you need to. It's streaming on Netflix. Brilliant German movie about the last days of Hitler, and based on the memoirs of one of his personal secretaries. At the beginning you get a glimpse of how their nation was so charmed by him (early on, anyway). Bruno Ganz plays Hitler, and he's amazing. You've probably seen the scene where he bitches out his generals spoofed on YouTube. Anyway, it makes you glad that he and his inner circle all ate it at the end of the war.

      Also, Alexandra Maria Lara plays the secretary, and she's a babe.

  • f1junkie

    Bikini Atoll is the graphic content.

  • Ben

    Chive, can we get these in HQ?!

  • Oddie Monsta

    #3 she’s kinda cute, to bad shes 1000 years old now :/

  • Rojo

    #13 Chive, find her. ; )

    • Chiv3On


    • Juiol

      Hello poor taste

  • Yuriy Shikhanovich
  • Prangsta

    Pictures could be bigger.

  • Hector

    A science teacher from my high school looks exactly like Albert Einstein.

  • Steve

    #12 Karsh was a brilliant phototgrapher, read the story behind this photo and #16 has become even more powerful to me!

  • antitango

    Are you sure that #4 isn’t BFM? Sure looks like it!

  • That guy

    A monk set his self on fire!!! Who does that?

  • hark1985

    #8 like a boss! The hero! #12 a great leader!

    • Asshole Aplenty

      Che was a mass murderer of his people, how is that being a hero? Simple he was NOT a hero


    Very Cool i must say Very Cool

  • Chiv3On


    mass-murdering marxist pile of crap.

    • No You


      • Clumpy

        "yup"? Inciteful

  • Abc

    “Winston, you are drunk”
    “yes madam, and you are ugly. But in the morning I shall be sober, you will still be ugly.”

  • Andrew Salas

    I want hi res please

  • ConstableDubs

    #2 I always find colorized pictures of Abe Lincoln to be really creepy for whatever reason.

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