Ladies and Gentlemen, Country Girl in HQ (33 Photos)

A little over a month ago, the photo below ignited the internet. Since then, Country Girl has popped up on theCHIVE's grid a few times but not nearly enough for the Chivers.
My inbox has strained under the weight of request to make Country Girl the Chivette of the Week. Your voices have been heard and prayers answered… in HQ no less.

Country Girl's name is Amanda and I'll let her take it from here.

I'm Amanda, I'm 19, and I'm just a country girl from upstate New York. A tiny bit about me:

I love a night out with my girls but there's just something about waking up at four in the morning to call in a turkey that puts a smile on my face every time. I love to hunt, I just do.

Most girls call me a redneck, and honestly I do enjoy a good country song, driving on the back roads in a truck, or riding tearin' up a trail on a dirt bike but I really am a sight more than that.

I rarely wear any makeup and I'm a little nerdy, and love to read. I'm a sucker for corny jokes and I love the beach. I'd love to travel the world one day, although I know my heart will always remain in the country.

I started sending my pictures into theCHIVE because I wanted to do something a little different I suppose, and to show chivers that it's good to be true to yourself. I was inspired by all the Chivettes who came before me and encouraged by the Chivers who are always so kind (nearly impossible to find on the internet). So thanks for being awesome and I'm proud to be your Country Girl.

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  • gretagravel

    she is absolutely adorable… lets hope these pics don't get out if she ever decides to have a career doing anything other than wearing panties and smiling… but if that is her chosen career… she's doing it right.

  • anon

    her brother is my best friend….this is awkward….

  • Sean

    I officially am in love!!

  • Phenomenon

    I too am from upstate NY :-O, and I love country girls. It was meant to be.

  • Dan

    Beautiful. Plain and simple.

  • Countrylover

    I’m from upstate NY, and I love country girls :-O. We were meant to be.

  • Josh

    #28 ftw! Little bit of toe and some nips. NICE!!!

  • likeaprophet

    love her smyle, absolutely beautiful

  • Otto

    absolutely beautiful….nuff said

  • Otto

    She has to be the Chive Girl of the Year!!!

  • Jim

    Well done. Best chivette ever

  • Justin

    Right click, save…right click, save…right click, save…

  • Heavy Metal Cowboy

    I have never been more happy to be called a cowboy knowing that a great country girl like this exists. #3 #23

  • Adam

    #25 and #26 I would be putty in your hands. I would gladly drive upstate to hunt/ take you on a date. I’m sure there Are guys all about you up there. And let the other girls hate they are just jealous of what you got.

  • Mattas

    Sigh… only If I lived close to you. You are beautiful and you seem really down to earth. Hope to find a woman like you one day 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Marry me?

  • Jezza67

    Thank you from half a world away. Chivettes rule.

  • Ryan

    Only one problem with country girl…Now everyone wants her and I am selfish and want her all to myself!

  • http://None Sumon Peter Rozaario

    I am lost when I saw you. Wish you stay happy like this rest of your life.

  • james

    Now hopefully her redneck dad doesn't find out about this haha. Very nice.

    • anon

      shes not country. her dad isnt redneck. they hunt. iv known all her family since i was a little kid,.

  • Chris

    Hot, country girl and piercings (other than belly button #28) you are perfection

  • fifou

    so jealous from the BF that takes the pictures…! :p
    I gues that everybody likes her and everybody hates him

    • sdkgja

      im pretty sure her brother took these. i know them…

  • L1QUID

    Wow! She is friggin Beautiful!

  • fifou

    so jealous from the BF that takes the pictures…! :p

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