Ladies and Gentlemen, Country Girl in HQ (33 Photos)

A little over a month ago, the photo below ignited the internet. Since then, Country Girl has popped up on theCHIVE's grid a few times but not nearly enough for the Chivers.
My inbox has strained under the weight of request to make Country Girl the Chivette of the Week. Your voices have been heard and prayers answered… in HQ no less.

Country Girl's name is Amanda and I'll let her take it from here.

I'm Amanda, I'm 19, and I'm just a country girl from upstate New York. A tiny bit about me:

I love a night out with my girls but there's just something about waking up at four in the morning to call in a turkey that puts a smile on my face every time. I love to hunt, I just do.

Most girls call me a redneck, and honestly I do enjoy a good country song, driving on the back roads in a truck, or riding tearin' up a trail on a dirt bike but I really am a sight more than that.

I rarely wear any makeup and I'm a little nerdy, and love to read. I'm a sucker for corny jokes and I love the beach. I'd love to travel the world one day, although I know my heart will always remain in the country.

I started sending my pictures into theCHIVE because I wanted to do something a little different I suppose, and to show chivers that it's good to be true to yourself. I was inspired by all the Chivettes who came before me and encouraged by the Chivers who are always so kind (nearly impossible to find on the internet). So thanks for being awesome and I'm proud to be your Country Girl.

  • Muffinfluffer

    It almost looks like she’s in alabama. Your beautiful. You could keep me company huntin.

  • _me

    I seriously want to say what others have said. "Keep being awesome"

    p.s. I think I bit through my tongue scrolling through this at about #18.

  • Anonymous

    I was born in Central New York but grew up in Houston. This girl is smokin’, and seems like my kind of people. I know some “necks” and she is far from it. Just a hot country chick. We have those. Probably the best thing I’ve seen on here since I found this site about two months ago.

  • Texass

    Let me take you hunting

  • Marc

    Amazing fave and body…Ty sharing

  • John, Son Of Norway

    W O W, naturally beautiful!!!

  • Anonymous

    Hamana hamana hamana!!

  • Hoobs

    Somebody get this girl a burger!

  • ChivinSeattle

    Awesome pics! You have a great photographer there as well. #5, #7, and #30 are stunning! Thank you Amanda!

  • Someone

    No ass. No boobs. Looks 15. No thanks. Give me a thick redhead from Texas.

    • Someone

      AKA a REAL Country girl.

    • Rusty_Dreams

      If you find what you are looking for, please take her out of TX. That's where I live and I see enough thick women. I'm sick of 'em. I'll take Amanda over any thick woman every friggin time.!!!

  • sureman123

    beautiful, stunning and real… can't get better than that!!

  • Fun_with_Numbrs

    Love the Nipple Ring!

    But…. you certainly shouldn't be sleeping on stand!

    • David S.

      No stand turkey hunting.

  • Snipes

    I just fell in love today. Thank you Amanda!

  • CaptainStag

    Seriously Chive, what's this obsession with look-a-bit-too-young-and-under-developed-to-be-perving-at girls? Scrawny, shapeless, little girls. Can we have some women please?

    • DMAC

      I agree. Most of the other posters are sheep-fucking, cousin-loving, redneck cumstains who wouldn't know a real woman if she kissed them.

      • Someone

        Right on man. Give us a curvy mature woman. Boobs and ass or gtfo.

    • CaptainStag

      Glad somebody agrees. Seriously this girl is so underdeveloped.. She might as well be 14 :-/

  • mith

    UM….! You need a hunting partner?

  • Kennedyirl

    I think this is my favorite CHIVE post to date. Flawless!

  • Falthor

    #19 Amazing view… Love the camo socks. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Country girl shake it for me!

  • kasper

    Beautiful face and a perfect body. Can't ask for much more, except maybe for a killer smile. No, wait, got that too. #6

  • Anonymous

    Marry me

  • ArmsCantStretch

    I don't get the obsession…

    • Someone

      Me either man.

      • likes boobies

        I don't either. She's cute, but this obsession with her is weird.

    • iChive

      especially where somewhere here she posted she is a lesbian

      • ChaseTheWalker

        Hmm…. even better!

  • Matty J

    Perfection: per FEC shun, adj. HER!

  • frankus

    #22 absolutely gorgeous, and no make up. dont waste your money on it…..

  • Chris McRae

    WOW WOW WOW…this Chivette is a phenom. Hall of Fame all the way.

  • Mern

    Take a piece

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